A Complete List of All World Cup Shooting Stars Themes Throughout the Years

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World Cup shooting stars themed routines Wonder Woman 2019

World Cup Shooting Stars are known for their themed routines, ranging from themed music to choreography and unique props. The themes are often incorporated into every routine section, resulting in memorable performances. 

See a quick overview below, or keep reading for some more fun facts and routine videos!

World Cup Shooting Stars routine themes

  • 2007: “Fame In the Name”
  • 2008: “Fashionista”
  • 2009: “Power of One”
  • 2010: Latin
  • 2011: “Bring Back the Girls”
  • 2012: “Golden Memories”
  • 2013: No theme
  • 2014: No theme
  • 2015: “Jersey girls”
  • 2016: Lady Gaga
  • 2017: “Dancing with the Stars”
  • 2018: Circus
  • 2019: Wonder Woman/Superhero
  • 2020: New York City
  • 2021: World Tour
  • 2022: Hollywood
  • 2023: No theme

Continue scrolling to watch each routine, or watch our theme compilation:

2007: “Fame In the Name”

Fame was definitely tied to their name after winning Worlds that year!

2008: “Fashionista”

This theme is one of their most memorable, and that is because of the dance. It has become a classic, that many are still obsessed with more than a decade later.

It’s just THAT dance!

We listed the dance as one of the most memorable worlds moments, click here to see the full list: 10 Of The Most Memorable Cheerleading Worlds Moments

In addition, Stars won Worlds again that year. 

2009: “Power of One”

As if two Worlds wins in a row wasn’t enough, they won the third in a row with this routine!

2010: Latin

“One two cha cha cha three four cha cha cha!”

2011: “Bring Back the Girls”

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2012: “Golden Memories”

For this year’s routine, they used the best songs from their previous routines!

2013 & 2014: No themes

As noted before, the 2008 fashionista dance is on our list with 10 Of The Most Memorable Cheerleading Worlds Moments.

Stars 2013 routine is also on the list, because of a tumbling pass and crowd reaction you just HAVE to see!

2015: “Jersey Girls”

This theme was based on a musical called “Jersey Boys” and plays off the fact that the main World Cup Allstars gym is located in New Jersey.

The musical not only inspired the team’s music but also the use of props.

During the tumbling section, one of the athletes put on a red jacket, like the ones used in the musical. 

Fun fact: the jacket was only used on Day 1 of Worlds, and removed for their Day 2 performance… Want to know why?

Hear all about it from the center flyer herself, Lauren Preston, in this video:

Watch for tons of behind-the-scenes facts, memorable moments & funny stories!

2015 was also another Worlds-winning year for the team!

2016: “Lady Gaga”

The use of the banner at the beginning made many jaws drop to the floor!

2017: “Dancing with the Stars”

Based on, you guessed it, the TV show with the same name.

The routine also brought home their 5th Worlds win in the division!

2018: Circus

The comeback of the red jacket!

Although a different jacket was used this year, the moment was just as memorable.

This time, it was also featured in another way. Instead of an athlete wearing it in the background like in 2015, it was used by the center flyer in the second stunt. 

2019: Wonder Woman/Superhero

The routine that gave Stars their 6th Worlds gold in the large senior division!

2020: New York City

Another very unique moment was included in this routine – the “Happy New Year” part (symbolizing the New Year’s Eve ball drop at Times Square in New York).

2021: World Tour

Featuring many references to different parts of the world, tourist destinations, and different countries!

2022: Hollywood

The latest theme featured Hollywood-inspired music and choreography!

2023: No theme!

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