Which Cheerleading Team Has Won Worlds the Most Times? Here’s the Answer!

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this cheerleading team has won worlds the most times

If you’re interested in allstar cheerleading, you might have wondered which team has won The Cheerleading Worlds the most times? From the first-ever Cheerleading Worlds competition in 2004, one team has dominated the rankings. 

Keep reading to find out which team is number one!

The team that has won The Cheerleading Worlds the most times is Orange from The Stingray Allstars. With a total of 10 wins so far, they’re in the lead out of all teams, across all divisions. Here, you’ll find every year they’ve won and in which divisions!

The Stingray Allstars Orange Worlds wins – year & division

See the number of wins below, plus in which years and divisions they have taken home the gold.

Worlds win numberYearDivision
12005Small Senior
22007Small Senior
32008Small Senior
42009Small Senior
52010Small Senior
62012Small Senior
72013Medium Senior
82014Large Senior
92021Large Senior
102022Large Senior

There you have it – no less than 10 wins across different divisions!

the stingray allstars orange winning their 10th win at the cheerleading worlds 2022
One stunt for every win!

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