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Calling all cheerleading fans! If you’re in the mood for an action-packed and inspiring binge-watching session, we’ve got just the right list for you. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or brand new to the world of cheer, we’ve got something for you. From the most popular shows and movies, to the ones you’ve probably not heard of before or might’ve forgotten existed.

So grab your snacks, find a cozy spot, and get ready to be immersed in the exciting world of cheerleading!

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1 & 2. The “Nfinity Champions League” movies

If you have been in the cheerleading world for a few years, you probably remember the first Champions League competition and movie.

If you don’t know, the Champions League was first a competition pretty similar to The Majors (only certain teams got invited) and they put all the routines together and made a movie!

The craziest thing is that it even aired in some cinemas around the United States for one night!

It’s so fun to look back at previous routines and teams. Athletes, stunts and skills you might have forgotten, or didn’t even know existed! The music isn’t that great though since copyrighted music couldn’t be used and teams got special mixes just for that competition.

Where to watch it


You can both rent the movie and buy it on iTunes. You can then watch it offline on different devices (we recommend a laptop or phone) or connect it to your tv and watch it on the big screen!

Here’s the link to the first champions league movie – made during the 2013-2014 season.

The second movie came out the season after. Here’s the link for champions league 2!

Amazon Prime

Like with iTunes, you can both rent it and buy it on amazon.com. There is also an option to watch it for free if you have Amazon Prime. (Prime is a subscription where you get faster shipping on items, discounts and access to lots of movies and shows for example).

Tip: there’s a 30-day free trial on the subscription, meaning you can sign up for it, watch the movie for free and then cancel anytime! Sounds like a good deal, right?

Here’s the link for the first movie on Amazon Prime.

Here’s the link for the second one.

And lastly, here’s the link for the 30-day free amazon prime trial! 

3. Cheer Squad

A series that followed CheerSport Sharks – Great Whites a few seasons ago on their road from tryouts to Worlds. You get a look inside practices, athletes’ personal life, competitions and all of those exciting things!

Where to watch it


Netflix is one option where you can watch the whole show, but it seems to only be available to watch in some regions/countries…

If Cheer Squad is not available to watch in your country, you can use a VPN to access it anyway – here’s a tutorial showing you how.


Some of the episodes are uploaded on Youtube, but not all of them. If you can’t access the show on Netflix in your country, these episodes are still great to watch.

Click here for the channel (the episodes are not in order – make sure you’re watching the right ones so you don’t get confused)!

4. American Cheerleader

A documentary that follows high school cheer teams on their journey to the National High School Cheerleading Championship (UCA) in Florida. Get insight into the world of school cheer and see if it’s like the bring it on movies or not? Inside looks at practices, competition nerves, rivalry, struggles and some great cheerleading – you get everything in just 1 hour and 30 minutes!

Where to watch it

Here’s the link to the documentary! You can watch it on Amazon Prime (explanation above) with your subscription or free trial.


Do we need to say more? The whole world has been talking about “Cheer” so you probably know what it is…

Watch it again and cheer for the team, cry, laugh at the funny moments, cry some more, and wish you were coached by Monica.

Where to watch it

On Netflix!

6. On the inside: Cheerleaders

The oldest documentary on the list is definitely this one! It aired on the Discovery Channel in 1999 and followed World Cup Shooting Stars, Cheer Athletics Panthers, GymTyme Platinum and Cheer Athletics Wildcats.

Watch it for some great old-school allstar cheerleading, uniforms, hair, facials and the stories behind some of our favorite teams!

Where to watch it

Click here to watch it on Youtube (4 episodes).

7. Twinkles: Chasing Perfection

Raise your hand if you have watched this more than 5 times! It’s one of the most popular cheerleading Youtube series, but it seems like many have forgotten about it.

The documentary is focused on World Cup Allstars youth level 5 team, Twinkles on their journey to NCA. We get to follow the making of the routine, showcases, practices, challenges, private life and much more.

Many of the girls on the team later made the gym’s large senior team Shooting Stars and it’s so fun to see when they were younger!

Where to watch it

You can watch it on Youtube! Here’s the link.

Want to know more about the “Chasing Perfection” documentary? Hear from one of the athletes, Lauren Preston, herself in the video below!

8. The Teen Superstars of Competitive Cheerleading

Follow Gabi Butler, Carly Manning and Michaeleddie Rivera in this 16 minute mini-documentary. Watch as they practice, talk about the sport and compete at Worlds in 2014.

Where to watch it

On Youtube. Here’s the link!

9. Cheerleaders Champions League – Season 2

When the regular “Cheerleaders” show was on a break, AwesomenessTV released another mini series (also 6 episodes) following a level 4.2 team from Texas Cheer Allstars on their road to the Champions League.

Learn more about the show here:

Where to watch it

You guessed it – Youtube! Click here for the playlist.

10. Cheerleaders

The original cheerleading show! Now is the perfect time to start over and binge-watch all of the “Cheerleaders” seasons.

You can have a cheer marathon and follow Smoed from 2013-2020. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Where to watch it

On Youtube:

11. Road To Worlds

Outlaws All Stars from Australia share their road to worlds in Orlando!

The first season followed their International Open 5 team Kelly Girls on their way to Worlds 2018, the second followed their International Open Large Coed 5 team Notorious in 2019, and the third season follows Kelly Girls again.

The episodes are really high quality (like, really) and it’s so fun to see cheer teams from outside the US!

Where to watch it

You can see all of the seasons here on the gyms’ Youtube channel.

12. Cheer Full Out

Follow GymTyme Allstars’ iconic team called Blink. A super talented team, lots of creativity, some of your favorite athletes, lots of funny moments and amazing cheerleading.

“Cheer full out” is so funny and well made – just watch it because you won’t regret it!

More about GymTyme Blink and their journey: 7 Reasons GymTyme Blink Was Iconic

Where to watch it

You can watch it on Youtube – click here to get to episode 1.

Do you have any other suggestions? Comment below and we’ll add them!

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