8 Reasons GymTyme Blink Was Iconic

What do you do when you’re sick and bored? Binge-watch cheerleading shows!

I watched the whole “Cheer Full Out” show last week and was reminded of what an amazing and iconic (is that word used to much…?) team Blink was!

Note: this post contains show spoliers!

1: They became a team after half the season

Blink was made out of athletes from two other GymTyme teams – their International Open Coed 5 team “Black” and International All-Girl 5 team “Pink”. They decided to combine the teams and their names = Blink!

That didn’t happen until January 2015 when most other teams would have practiced for at least 4 months already. The team was still able to put on a show and hit routines with some crazy skills.

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2: Michaeleddie, Robert and Gabi reunion

People should always care and talk about the whole team and not just a few athletes, but it was so fun to see these three Smoed icons back on the same team!

gabi butler robert scianna michaeleddie rivera smoed gymtyme blink

Feeling nostalgic over here…

3: The stunt

Before the changes for Worlds, the stunt was eight 8-counts long (which is is normal) but they didn’t put down the flyers a single time!

Imagine holding a two based level 5 stunt for so long… creds to all of them! Plus the stunt was very creative!

4: Male basket

Who doesn’t love male flyers? Robert got his special moment in the routine as a flyer in one of the baskets at Worlds.

5: Their warm up dance

The dance is at 5.10 – that’s all you need to know.


6: The overall creativity

Every single part of the routine was filled with creativity and was testing the limits of the team and the skills. Every section had at least one different, creative element to it which made the routine even more exciting to watch.

7: First full out = 4 days before Worlds!!

They made many changes before Worlds and hadn’t done a full out with the new skills until the same week as the competition… and still got top 3! Incredible!

8: The team’s determination

One reason they hadn’t done a full out earlier was that almost half the team was on a college team (Louisville Coed) at the same time.

Being on 2 teams at the same time with practice almost every day, different competitions and two different routines shows how incredibly talented the athletes were. They never gave up but pushed even harder to reach their goals.

Have you watched “Cheer Full Out”?
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