All of Top Gun Double O’s Themes Throughout the Years

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top gun allstars double O at NCA nationals 2019 school themed routine

When it comes to captivating and exciting cheerleading routines, Top Gun Double O is a name that stands out.

Their dedication to creative, theme-driven performances has made their routines fan favorites, and people are always curious to see what they’ll come up with next!

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and explore the evolution of their themed routines over the past few years, starting in 2019.

Top Gun Allstars Double O routine themes

  • 2019: School
  • 2020: Police
  • 2021: Miami
  • 2022: Miami
  • 2023: Matador/bullfighting

Continue scrolling to watch each routine, or watch our theme compilation:

2019: School

Double O’s themed routine journey kicked off in 2019, and they did it with a school theme. The combination of the music, uniforms, hairstyle, and routine remains a fan favorite to this day!

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2020: Police

In 2020, they went with a police-themed routine, which we got to see even though the season was cut short. Double O doesn’t stop at using only themed music, so of course they had uniforms to match the theme!

This was a strong routine that could have been a big hit (literally) at the final 2020 events if the full season had been completed.

2021: Miami

In 2021, they decided to honor their roots with a Miami-themed routine. The team’s gym is located in Miami, and they took this opportunity to pay tribute to their hometown.

The new uniforms were inspired by the now iconic Miami Vice-themed kits of the Miami Heat basketball team!

2022: Miami

Double O continued with their beloved Miami theme in 2022! They also revealed brand new uniforms that continued to draw inspiration from the Miami Vice/Miami Heat style.

2023: Matador/bullfighting

For the 2022-2023 season, Double O wowed fans with a matador/bullfighting-themed routine. This creative theme not only involved fresh new uniforms but also featured parts of their music in Spanish!

This not only added a uniqueness to the mix but also celebrated the diversity within their team.

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