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TheCheerBuzz is a unique platform with thousands of visitors every month, from all over the world.

We also have a following of 80 000+ people across all our social media channels!

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Reach your audience

Because all content on the site is free to access, you can reach anyone! No annoying algorithms decide who sees our website content or not, where it shows up, or for what period of time customers see it – you decide completely.

Use customized ads

With our different advertising options, you can customize everything and stand out from your competitors. By collaborating on everything from initial ideas to promotions, we can create a campaign that helps increase your ROI to the max.

Flexible pricing

We have no set price or payment rate – it all depends on your own business goals!

Grow your brand with:


Show your own, custom image ad somewhere on the website. Different placement, design, and size options are available. Choose how long you want it to be displayed on the site.

Ad can be a premade design, or designed together with us to fit the site perfectly.


These types of ads will blend together with the non-sponsored content, and won’t look or feel like an actual ad. Here are some ways you can reach your ideal customers:

  • Find new customers with sponsored posts

Anything from a short update to an in-depth article. You can choose to have it featured anywhere on the home page for extra visibility!

  • Engage and grow with quizzes

Show your products and brand in our popular quizzes! Here are two examples:

  • “Choose 5 bows from Your Company Name and we’ll guess your age”
  • “Pick your favorite shirt from Your Company Name and get 10% off your order”

This allows you to show both your brand name and products in a fun and engaging way. Combine it with an offer like the second example and visitors will love it even more!

  • Reach more people through social media 

We offer exposure on other platforms too, like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. It can be combined with all the other advertising options above.

  • Reach customers directly in their inbox with sponsored newsletters

We send out a weekly newsletter to our email subscribers with industry updates & news, new uniforms, and other fun things that are going on!

You can place display ads in these newsletters or have a whole section with text & images. We can also promote your sponsored website posts in this newsletter for extra visibility.


We can promote your event (competition, camp, conference, etc.) live on various platforms. What better way to market your event than having someone there to promote all the fun?

Recaps, videos, articles, lists – this can be published and promoted in many different and fun ways!

Let’s collaborate!

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