Affiliate disclosure

At TheCheerBuzz we believe in honesty. We may use affiliate links on this website ( with complete transparency.

Please note that we reserve the right to make changes to this disclosure at any time without notice.

What are affiliate links?

Affiliate marketing is a huge part of many brands’ strategies and income streams. Affiliate links are links to a product that contains a unique ID. When a customer purchases through one of these links, we may recieve a small comission from that sale (at no extra cost to the customer). We do not recieve any free products or services from these affiliate programs. Please also note that all opinions regaring reccomended products are 100% honest. We do not get paid to say positive things about a product.

Where do we use them?

Affiliate links can be used on clickable display ads and in posts. There are affiliate link dislaimers on every single post using them. We only link to products that we’ve used or researched carefully. Affiliate programs link is a part of includes Rock Your Hair,, Redbubble and the Apple Partner Program for example.


Although we only work with affiliate programs from trustworthy companies/brands, we are not responsible for anything that happens after a visitor gets directed to the affiliate’s website. This means that we are not responsible for any inconveniences such as delayed shipping, refunds, faulty products, etc. We can asure you that we do our research on every single product and seller, but you never know what could happend. The seller is responsible for verything concerning the purchase.


If you have any further question regarding the information above, feel free to contact