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Our mission

TheCheerBuzz is a media and content focused cheerleading website that’s all about providing fun and interesting content to everyone who loves cheer. A place where everyone, no matter the level, gym, age or gender feels represented and appreciated.

Unlike other sites, we strongly believe that all content should be free to access for everyone, at all times.


Everything we stand for can be summarized with these five words:

  1. Passion – We are passionate about cheerleading and everything that has to do with our sport.
  2. Community – We want to build a community where you can take part in and influence the content, connect with others and share your knowledge.
  3. Equality – We want everyone to feel equal no matter the gender, age, skills or abilities, level and so on.
  4. Collaboration – We believe collaboration is the key to everything.
  5. Fun – We work to provide fun content and want you to have fun when visiting!


Our goal is to become the leading cheerleading website in the world. Yes, you read that right!

We want to be your go-to choice for the most informational, engaging, inspirational and fun content in the industry. No more looking on one website for tips, one for results, a fourth one for long articles, another for quizzes… find everything you need in one place!

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