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TheCheerBuzz is a media company providing cheerleading content across multiple different platforms.

We believe cheerleading has enough gatekeeping and secrecy...

That’s why all of our content is FREE to access and explained in words you actually understand!

You won’t see us using overly complicated words and not explaining details, just because it “makes us look smart”…  

We might not be first to break news & headlines,

but aim to tell the whole story.

Instead of just sharing random news and leaving questions unanswered, we analyze to find out what it actually means. 

Giving everyone a place

The cheerleading world, industry, community, whatever you want to call it - is huge. However, most other media only cover the already established, well-known, and highest-level teams. 
Everyone deserves a place here, whether they're the best teams in the world or teams you've never heard of.

We're #independent

Last but not least, we're a completely independent company. This means we are not affiliated with or biased towards any company or organization.

Rare to see in Allstar cheerleading, isn't it..?

Our brands


The go-to website and platforms for fun, engaging and educating cheerleading content

Founded in 2020


The top Instagram account all about level 1-4 cheerleading skills, teams and content

Founded in 2016

Cheerleading Tools

Our paid offers enable learning, education and improvement globally, on all levels.

We created these products based on our own experiences and challenges as cheerleading coaches and athletes, along with feedback from the cheerleading community.

We know how tough it can be to stay organized and manage a cheerleading season with all its unexpected twists and turns. The highs and lows can make it difficult to keep motivated and on track.

That’s why we designed CheerleadingTools.com – the ultimate resource for learning and improving. Our goal is to make cheerleading as fun and easy to access as possible, providing you with the tools, knowledge, and support you need to succeed!

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TheCheerBuzz is a cheerleading media company all about providing fun and interesting content to everyone who loves cheer. A place where everyone – no matter the level, gym, age or gender feels represented and appreciated.

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