15 Best Cheerleading-Related Things To Do At Home

by TheCheerBuzz
cheerleading things to do at home

“Cheerleading is life” right? Does “Eat, sleep, cheer, repeat” sound like you?

But what do you do when at home? You can’t stunt by yourself and tumbling space might be limited. We have some great news for you! There are actually a ton of cheerleading-related things you can do at home, even by yourself.

We listed 15 of our favorite ideas below!

1. Have a cheerleading watch party

There are tons of cheerleading videos, movies, and shoes to binge-watch! Watch routines, vlogs, your own videos, behind the scenes, shows, movies… There is a lot to choose from.

Try to watch things you haven’t before. Find new favorite teams, discover skills you haven’t seen before or a division you don’t normally watch. There are so many incredible teams around the world, and you have probably not seen many of them!

We’ve listed some of the best cheer shows and movies, perfect to binge watch:

You can even watch with others at the same time, completely virtual. Many streaming services have options to watch together with others, with a chat at the side of the screen.

Schedule a watch party with some friends, get a snack and start binging!

2. Make a vision & goals board

If you don’t know what a vision or goals board is, it’s like a collage with photos, text, and quotes. You can make a collage online and print it out, or get a piece of paper, cut out photos and glue them on.

A vision board is meant to inspire you, so fill it with everything you like and your goals.

Is your goal to become more flexible? Use photos of your flexibility goals, along with some motivational quotes and you will feel more inspired to start stretching. Maybe you have a goal of trying out for a certain team? Find photos of the team, use the gym colors, write out what you need to be on the team, and so on.

If you don’t have a specific goal in mind, make a board of all your favorite teams, uniforms, voice-overs, etc!

Want help with coming up with new cheerleading goals? Check our this post: 30+ Things For Your Cheerleading Bucket List!

3. Start a cheerleading account

Having a cheerleading account on any social media can be a lot of fun. With so many apps to choose from, you can create any type of account.

Instagram is great for photos and videos, TikTok for videos, Pinterest makes it easy to save everything in folders and Twitter is fun for more text-based posts, polls, threads, etc.

The best part is that you can post whatever you want! Make a fan page for a gym or team, post about new uniforms, share videos of international teams – you decide.

(Remember to be nice! Don’t post hateful content just because your account might be anonymous.)

4. Practice floor stunts

No matter what position you have in stunts, doing “floor stunts” is a fun activity.

Put on your favorite team’s music, learn the stunts and mark them on the floor! You’ll be surprised at how much fun this can be.

5. Take cheerleading quizzes (and challenge your friends!)

One of our favorite things to do!

Quizzes are always fun to take, especially when they are about cheerleading. Test your knowledge, see which athletes you are most like, what team you should be on, how many voice-overs you remember, and much more.

Take a quiz, and share your result with a friend. See what they get and if they can beat you!

Click here to view our cheerleading quizzes.

6. Listen to cheerleading podcasts

If you like listening to podcasts, why not try some cheerleading ones. There are many ones to choose from, discussing tons of different topics.

Grab your Spotify or Podcaster app, search for cheerleading and find a new favorite podcast!

7. Find a place to hang out (virtually)

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with people!

Start a cheerleading group chat, join Facebook groups, communities, start a club – the possibilities are endless.

8. Play cheerleading games

There are a bunch of silly, cheerleading-related games! Go to your app store, search for cheerleading and see what you find. Or go the old-school way and search for games online.

If the game itself isn’t fun, you can still laugh at the stereotypical uniforms, routines, and competition makeup.

9. Learn more about the sport

No matter how much you already know about cheerleading, there’s always more to learn. Explore different websites and learn about companies, competitions, different teams, and divisions.

Read about rules and skill overviews to learn more about the different levels. You might find a skill you thought was level 3 to be legal on level 2 for example.

10. Make stretching more fun

Stretching is… pretty boring if you ask most cheerleaders. Using a tool could help make it more fun and motivating!

We listed some different stretching tools in our ultimate gift guide for cheerleaders.

11. Do cheerleading-specific workouts

Before you say “ugh, not more workouts!”, maybe try more cheerleading-focused ones. Put on your favorite cheerleading sizes and work out to them, try out an app like ‘Cheer District’, or live workouts from ‘Cheer Fit Training’ for example.

12. Try DIY & craft ideas

If you like to make things, then you should definitely try some cheerleading crafts! You can find many ideas on Youtube and Pinterest, like bow holders, uniform hangers, keychains, or backpack tags.

You can even make your own practice gear. Try a DIY “stunt stand” to practice flying, or a “stunt buddy” to practice basing and getting the right stunt grips.

13. Design uniforms & practice wear

Get creative and design your own cheerleading clothes. Use an online tool or app, or simply draw by hand.

Design for your own team or gym, your favorite ones, or completely made-up ones. It doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as you get creative and have fun!

14. Put cheerleading stickers on everything

You can put stickers on almost anything you can think of. Decorate your phone case, water bottle, laptop cover, notebooks, travel mug, or journal.

Tons of stickers of your favorite cheer teams and gyms are available on sites like Redbubble!

15. Learn your favorite dances

We’ve all watched a routine with a dance that just blows our mind, why not learn it yourself? Watch the dance step by step, learn the choreography, put on the team’s music and go for it!

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