30+ Ideas For Your Cheerleading Bucket List!

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cheerleading bucket list ideas ESPN wide world of sports
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Ready to take your cheerleading journey to the next level? Whether you’re a longtime cheerleader or just getting started, having a cheerleading bucket list can give you that extra motivation, help you try new things, and create special memories.

We’ve put together over 30 must-try activities that will hopefully make your cheerleading journey a bit more fun!

cheerleading bucket list ideas ESPN wide world of sports
ESPN Wide World of Sports
  1. Do a uniform swap with someone on another team!
  2. Do an iconic/famous move in your routine.
  3. Have cheer rings on all fingers!
  4. Have a themed routine (looking for theme ideas? We have 100 in this post!)
  5. Have a best friend on another team.
  6. Get a hit zero pin.
  7. Have a huge Nike Pro collection!
  8. Meet your cheer idol.
  9. Stunt in front of the Disney castle.
  10. Get a Worlds ring sized!
  11. Homecoming proposal cheer edition!
  12. Get a good action shot.
  13. Have a prop in your routine (here are 23 Routines With Different Types Of Props)
  14. Be a center jumper or center dancer!
  15. Go back to back at nationals!
  16. Surprise uniform reveal!
  17. Compete at ESPN Wide World of Sports.
  18. Be in a relationship with another cheerleader.
  19. Go swimming in your cheer uniform!
  20. Practice at the Disney All-Star Resort.
  21. Have a team ring ceremony.
  22. Take cheer pictures in the snow.
  23. Get matching team slippers.
  24. Have a custom-made team cake!
  25. Stunt at the beach.
  26. Take polaroid competition pictures.
  27. Make duct tape uniforms!
  28. Have braids at a competition!
  29. Replace your bows with scrunchies.
  30. Go to cheer camp over the summer!
  31. Take a “flyer vs. base” picture.
  32. Throw a standing tuck on the beach.
  33. Win worlds with your best friend.
  34. Have a team mascot!

Contributor Madison added even more ideas: “I had more ideas, so here is Part 2!”

  1. Globe at Worlds.
  2. Be on an International team.
  3. Be on a famous team.
  4. Go to a famous gym.
  5. Be on the same team as you cheer idol.
  6. Cheer in High School.
  7. Cheer in College.
  8. Be on a Level 6 or 7 team and Collage team at the same time.
  9. Win the Triple Crown! (Learn more about what it is here: What Is The “Triple Crown” Championship?)
  10. Get someone into cheerleading.
  11. Compete at The Majors.
  12. Have a sister team.
  13. Be on a Large division team.

Now that you’ve explored these cheerleading bucket list ideas, it’s time to get going!

Pick the activities that speak to you the most and start planning. Remember, a bucket list isn’t just about checking off items—it’s about enjoying the ride, growing personally, and having fun!

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Sydney Holland January 18, 2020 - 16:43

Loved this article, great job!


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