What Is The “Triple Crown” Championship?

Every season, the cheerleading community talks about the “triple crown”. It’s one of the most difficult cheerleading titles to win because it’s not won at just one competition!

In order to be “Triple Crown Champions,” a team needs to win Cheersport Nationals, NCA All-Star Nationals, and UCA International All-Star Championship – all in one season!

The winning teams (if there are any) get a special banner, as well as medals. 

Rockstar Cheer – Beatles 2019 & 2020 Triple Crown Champions

Past Triple Crown champions

Winning all three competitions in one season is a great accomplishment and not many teams have done it. Below are *some* of the former Triple Crown Championship winners.


  • The Stingray Allstars – Orange (level 6)
  • The Stingray Allstars – Peach (level 6)
  • Top Gun Allstars – TGLC (level 6)


  • Cheer Express – Miss Silver (level 6)
  • Dynasty Spirit Elite All Star – Red Flames (level 2)


  • Rockstar Cheer – Rolling Stones (level 6)
  • Rockstar Cheer – The Beatles (level 6)
  • Cheer Extreme – Lady Lux (level 6)
  • Cheer Extreme – Code Black (level 6)


  • Cheer-riffic Techniques – Talons (level 4)
  • Cheer Extreme – Youth Elite (level 5)
  • Cheer Extreme – Senior Elite (level 6)
  • Rockstar Cheer – Beatles (level 6)


  • ATA Hydro (level 3)
  • Titanium Force Cheer Code Black (level 4)
  • National Stars Solstice (level 4)
  • Extreme All Stars X5 (level 5)
  • Cheer Extreme – Small Senior X (level 6)
  • Brandon All-Stars – Senior Black (level 6)
  • Infinity Allstars – Royals (level 6)

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Another way to compete – the Triple Crown Points Race

Even if a team hasn’t won all three competitions, they can still win the “Triple Crown Points Race” title.

The top 5 teams in each division at Cheersport, NCA, and UCA are awarded different points. These are based on their competition placement: 

1st place: 2 500 points

2nd place: 2 000 points

3rd place: 1 500 points

4th place: 1 000 points

5h place: 500 points

After UCA, the team with the highest amount of points will win the Triple Crown Points Race in their level!

2021 winners:

  • Level 1: ACX Wild Jags
  • Level 3: ATA Hydro
  • Level 4: Titanium Force Cheer Code Black
  • Level 5: Extreme All Stars X5
  • Level 6: Brandon All Stars Senior Black

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