What Is The D2 Summit?

Do you think the competition season is over after The Cheerleading Worlds and The Summit? Think again!

There’s actually another big competition every year, held the weekend after The Summit – called The D2 Summit. Even though the competition has been around for years, it’s unfortunately not as well known as the other big end-of-the-season events.

Here’s everything you need to know about the competition!

What makes the D2 Summit different from The Summit?

The Summit is, as you probably already know, pretty much the equivalent of Worlds but for level 1-6 teams. It’s the biggest and most prestigious competition created exclusively for lower-level teams and divisions that aren’t offered at Worlds (like Junior level 6).

So, how is the D2 Summit different? The answer is actually really simple!

The D2 Summit is only for gyms that have 125 athletes or less. Other than that, the competition is very similar to The Summit. There are small, medium and large divisions from level 1-6 for youth, junior and senior athletes.

Why was the competition created & what does D2 mean?

Let’s go through a little bit of cheerleading history!

An organization called the National Small Program Association was created in 2014 (by a Varsity brand called American Cheer Power) to build successful small gyms in the United States.

Before, smaller gyms could compete in so-called “Small Gym divisions” but this changed at the end of the 2014-2015 season when USASF announced its official definition of these small gym divisions.

varsity the d2 summit 2019

Image credit: Front Row Photos / Everything Cheer Magazine

The divisions were named “Division II” (Division 2 or D2 for short) and were defined as:

“having one physical address for a gym location and having 125 athletes or less registered in a gym’s cheer program at the time of competition.” Source: varsity.com.

The following season, Varsity created a competition exclusively for these smaller gyms and the first D2 Summit took place in 2016!

How has the competition changed since 2016?

Since its first year, the competition has not only grown enormously but also moved! The first D2 Summit was actually held in Tampa, Florida and not the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida we’re all used to seeing.

495 teams competed at the first D2 Summit in 2016 and that number has grown to more than 1 200 teams as of 2019! (source).

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this competition and all of the amazing teams, gyms and athletes competing for the D2 title.

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