Fill In The Blank: “Thanks To Cheerleading___”

by TheCheerBuzz
thanks to cheerleading - cheerleading the summit 2019

We posted “Fill in the blank: Thanks to cheerleading…” on our Instagram story and these are some of the answers:

Thanks to cheerleading…

I found my purpose in life.

I have a second home.

I have no social life 🙂

I have gotten to know so many amazing people.

I traveled all around the world.

I got a stronger mentality.

I look like I have man-arms.

I am more confident about my body!

I have no free time.

I get to travel.

I’ve broken both my wrists lolll…

I have been coaching for 18 years.

I made friends that will last a lifetime.

I can fly!

I know how to get kicked in the face and keep on going.

I walk and don’t swing my arms.

I have no life.

I met my husband.

I’m broke.

I am happy now – it has gotten me through all my rough times.

For making me walk places like I need to get there in an 8 count.

I’ve learned to love my body for what it can do instead of hating it for what it looks like.

cheerleading the summit 2019

I’ve met people I can call my family.

I’m 17 and feel 70.

I’ve learned so many actual useful things to use in the real world.

We can express ourselves and be whoever we want to be without being judged.

I have become a person I am proud of.

I have all these physical problems and I feel like a grandma but I’m only 13 ahaha…

I know discipline.

I walk fast now.

It gave me a place to escape when I needed it.

My girls have gained self-confidence, leadership skills and how to deal with loss/win.

Whenever a teacher tells us to be quiet or something like that, I clean…

I have learned several life lessons.

I don’t sit on my bed and watch Netflix all the time.

I have something I’m passionate about.

I feel more comfortable with my body and its abilities.

I learned what being on a team really feels like.

I have discovered more about myself than I could have ever dreamed of otherwise.

I have made so many memories.

I do everything in 8 counts.

I am the one I am today.

I have found myself.

I have found my happy place.

I have found my home.

What do you thank cheerleading for?

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