40+ Gift Ideas For Cheerleaders

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gift ideas for cheerleaders

Do you know someone who is a cheerleader? Maybe your child is one? Or maybe you’re even looking for something for yourself? Whatever it might be, this list of 40+ gift ideas is for you!

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Gift ideas for cheerleaders:

1. Shirts

“This is my handstand shirt” t-shirt

Available in different colors and the text can be printed on the front/back.

Team (Cheer Extreme Senior Elite) shirts

Available with many different teams, in different shirt colors.

Custom cheer baseball jerseys

The Summit/D2 Summit/Worlds-themed baseball jerseys make a great gift! You can find plenty of ones with customizable colors and names.

“If you want me to listen, talk about cheerleading” shirt.

Too relatable…Available in different models and colors, plus the text can be printed on the front/back.

2. Bags & backpacks

Customizable glitter backpack

Available in different colors and with a custom name, logo, or both.


Nfinity Backpack

Nfinity’s backpacks are always on many Christmas wishlists!

They have plenty of storage and are available in many different types and colors.

chassé Challenger Backpack

A more affordable option, also available in different colors.

Rebel Athletic Dream Bag

It’s called the “dream bag” for a reason!

This backpack has room for everything you can imagine & comes in many different colors.

“Warning may spontaneously start talking about cheerleading” bag

The print is also available on smaller zip bags.

3. Cheerleading pillows & blankets

“Cheerleader” throw pillow

The same print is also available on other products.

NCA Motivation Throw Blanket

NCA Nationals “the work is worth it” blanket. Available in different sizes.

Worlds Rings Throw Pillow

The Cheerleading Worlds world champion pillow.

4. Organizers

Handmade Cheer Bows Holder

Organize and showcase bows on a backpack or bedroom wall with this holder!

Medal Hanger Display Rack and Trophy Shelf

Showcase medals, trophies, and awards!

Uniform Organizer

Keep your uniform in good shape with this smart organizer, available in different colors. Foldable for travel or storage.

5. Water bottles

Reusable “Cheer” Water Bottle

Water bottles are a must-have, why not have a cheer-themed one?

Glitter “Cheer” tumbler + gift box & card

Also available in multiple colors.

Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Standard Bottle

Possibly the most talked-about bottle ever – the Hydro Flask. It’s made of stainless steel and available in different models and colors.

Tip: customize the bottle with cheer stickers (see below)!

6. Cheerleading stickers

Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Standard Bottle

There are many cheerleading sticker stores on Redbubble for example. There’s no limits when it comes to stickers, they fit everywhere!

7. Practice wear & pro shop items

Varsity Spirit Shorts

The popular Spirit shorts from Varsity. Available in different colors.

Nike Pro Training Shorts

The classic Nike Pro’s are some of the most popular cheerleading shorts, and have been for a long time! Available in many different colors.

Nike Swoosh Sports Bra

Why not get a sports bra to match too? Available in different colors.

Nike Flex Vent Training Shorts

Popular Nike flex vent shorts, also available in different colors.

Another idea is to give pro shop items!

Many cheerleading gyms sell everything from socks and accessories to jackets and practice wear. You can get items from your own gym, or other gyms that the gift receiver is a fan of!

8. Gift cards

If you’re unsure what to get, or maybe what size or color – giving a gift card is perfect!

It can be both from a site that offers gift cards, but also one that doesn’t (a pro shop for example). If a site doesn’t offer one, you can make your own and give the athlete an amount of money to shop for.

A simple but very appreciated idea!

9. Keyrings & chains


Personalized Cheer Bow Key Chain

Personalized bow keyring with text. Available in different colors.

Simple “CHEER” keychain

Available in different colors.

10. Workout & training gear

Practicing skills at home without the right equipment can be hard. Give away something that helps an athlete get a new skill, more flexibility, or motivation to continue practicing!

Note: do not use equipment without proper training. All skills are performed at their own risk.

Inflatable Tumbling Track

Tumbling track in different colors & sizes. Includes a pump, storage bag, repair kit & more!

New cheerleading shoes

Getting new shoes is something many do (and should do) often.

Many cheerleaders use worn-out shoes for too long and risk injuries because the shoes stop working as they should. 

Why not surprise an athlete with a new pair?

Stunt Trainer Cheer Stand

The popular Stunt Trainer gives flyers practice, simulating balance, and flexibility training without a stunt group.

An amazing tool to practice stunts, flexibility, and balance at home!

Tumbl Trak Stunting Balance & Flexibility Trainer

A platform with moving springs that simulate stunting. It has 3 height settings that allow practicing on different levels.

Door Flexibility & Stretching Leg Strap

A stretching strap that attaches to a door for easy stretching. This kit comes with an additional travel strap, a hair tie, and stretching guides!

Folding Exercise Mat

Foldable mats to practice skills on. Stack multiple mats to practice standing tucks from a height for example.

Available in different sizes and colors.

Resistance Bands

Pack of 4 resistance bands in different colors.
A great tool for more challenging workouts, practicing jumps, or stretching.

Ankle Weights

Use them to get higher and more explosive jumps, better stretches, or stronger tumbling. 

Foam Roller

Foam rollers are great for releasing tightness and soreness in muscles, both before and after practice.

JBL Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Bluetooth speaker, perfect for blasting cheerleading music while practicing at home! Available in many different colors.

11. Cheerleading pins & magnets

Cheer Extreme Senior Elite magnet

More teams & sizes are available.

The California Allstars Smoed pin

More teams & sizes are available.

Brandon Allstars Senior Black magnet

More teams & sizes are available.

Top Gun Allstars TGLC pin

More teams & sizes are available.

12. Competition hair products

‘Rock Your Hair’ hair products

Rock Your Hair is popular amongst cheerleaders and offers many different products.

13. Cheerleading magazine subscription

Inside Cheerleading Subscription

A magazine subscription is a gift that keeps on giving because every new issue feels like a new gift! Inside Cheerleading is an American magazine that features stories, tips, and more.

14. Books

Physical skills are not the only skills in cheerleading. Things like behavior, being a good teammate, and mental training are just as important.

Reading is a great way to learn more about those skills!

“unBlocked: The Walls Come Tumbling Down”

If you want to understand or overcome mental blocks in cheerleading, ‘unBlocked: The Walls Come Tumbling Down’ by Jeff Benson is a game-changer! Learn about the roles of athletes, coaches, and parents in conquering these mental hurdles. Don’t miss our summary and review – grab your copy here:

“The Captain Class: A New Theory of Leadership”

A book about leadership, being a role model, team player, and being a better athlete overall.

The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive

This book highlights the importance of mental training and why it matters more than physical ability.

Sports psychologist and author Jim Afremow shares the same advice he gives Olympians and professional athletes!

15. VPN subscription

Before you say “VPN what?”, allow us to explain!

If you live outside the United States or the United Kingdom, chances are that most major competition live streams aren’t available to watch. There is a way to watch the events anyway, and that is by using a VPN. This could make a great gift for any athlete who wants to watch more competitions!

We put together a guide that explains how this works + our favorite VPN, which you can read here:

Hopefully, this gave you some ideas and inspiration for cheerleading gifts!

Feeling extra generous? Check out our gift guide for cheerleading coaches as well: 20+ Gift Ideas For Cheerleading Coaches

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