Guide: The Top 8 Best Cheerleading Shoes (Ranked by Actual Athletes)

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Finding the best cheerleading shoes can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the sport. We all wish we could just buy one pair and use them forever but unfortunately, that’s not the case…

It’s hard to find helpful information online regarding the best shoes because most of the guides aren’t written by people who actually know cheerleading. You won’t get any help from a list of random, white shoes (another website’s second-best shoe was a biking shoe.?!) – so we’re here to help you instead!

This guide is a mix of reviews from actual athletes, verified customers, and our own thoughts and experiences. It will help you find the best cheerleading shoes for you, no matter which type of cheerleader you are.

First of all, why is choosing the right shoes important?

Cheerleading shoes are more than just shoes… they are equipment! Your shoes are a crucial part of your ability to perform skills. Everything you do – from tumbling to jumps to stunts, puts weight on your feet and ankles.

That’s why you need a good pair of shoes that can support these movements and reduce the risk of injuries. All the shoes on this list are specifically made for cheerleading, no matter which skill level you’re at.

Do you need different shoes based on your stunting position?

One of the most common concerns is if you need different shoes depending on your stunt position. While some shoes have features for a specific position (like grips for bases), they’re all well-rounded shoes for any stunt position.

So no matter if you’re a base, flyer, back spot, or front spot, any shoe will most likely work well. It’s just a matter of finding your personal favorite!

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1. Best overall: Nfinity Vengeance

Without a doubt one of the most popular cheerleading shoes!

The shoes are very light and breathable, which is essential for those tough full-outs. The flexibility and sole of the shoe make it very easy to grip and catch for bases, as well as for flyers pulling stretches in the air.

Promising reviews from athletes:

  • “They’re helpful as a flyer because they’re so thin and I can feel every movement.”
  • “They have grips on the bottom for flyers and they are very light for tumbling.” 


  • They are very light!
  • Very bendy & flexible (following every movement).
  • Breathable material.
  • Easy to grip as a base and flyer.
  • Great for any stunt position.
  • Has “bubble laces” (making sure the laces stay tight and don’t come undone).
  • Not the most supportive of ankles.
  • Durability.*
  • Sizes tend to run small.

2. Best budget option: Kaepa Stellarlyte

Don’t want to spend as much on your shoes? Go with Kaepa shoes!

They are great alternatives to the more expensive cheerleading shoes but with many of the same features. Their most popular model seems to be the “Stellarlyte” which has a padded cushion and a more solid sole.

Promising reviews from athletes:

  • “So supportive when tumbling and steady for stunting.”


  • Lightweight.
  • The cheapest one (along with Chassé) on this list!
  • More durable than some expensive ones.
  • Padded cushion inside for extra comfort and support.


  • The straps broke for some customers.

3. Athlete favorite: Nfinity Flyte

The Nfinity Flyte model was voted the second best (after the Vengeance shoe) by our followers!

These shoes are similar to the Vengeance model but offer a bit more support and comfort. A plus is that they’re also available in black if you don’t want to get white shoes.

Promising reviews from athletes:

  • “They’re light, comfortable and supportive.”
  • “I use the Vengeance shoe, but I like it when my flyers have the Flyte shoes.”
  • “Super springy for tumbling and feel good to fly in.”


  • Light and comfortable.
  • Grips the foot for the ultimate fit.
  • Seems more durable than the Vengeance.*
  • More support than the Vengeance.
  • Also available in black.


  • Tends to run small.

4. Nfinity Titan

The most different shoe on this list!

Instead of being shaped like a “sock”, the Titan model has a high top for ultimate ankle stability. If you do a lot of tumbling, this shoe could be perfect to minimize the risk of pain and injuries. The shoe is also available in black if you prefer that!

Promising reviews from athletes:

  • “They give me great ankle support (which I really need!)”
  • “They support my ankles.”
  • “Great ankle support for tumbling & flying.”


  • Also a very light shoe.
  • Offers great ankle stability & support.
  • Has “bubble laces” (making sure the laces stay tight and don’t come undone).


  • Durability* as with the other shoes.

5. Nfinity Evolution

The Evolution shoes are a bit different from the other shoes listed before. They are not as “sock-shaped” as they have a harder and more wide sole.

They might not be as flexible and bendy as the Vengeance model for example, but this is still a great and popular shoe. If you want a more stable shoe with more support, this could be the one for you!

Promising reviews from athletes:

  • “They’re so lightweight but still provide tons of support.”
  • “They are very comfortable and they are easy to tumble and stunt in.”
  • “I feel like they give me good rebound and they also look beautiful!”
  • “They’re so sturdy and support me a lot during basing and tumbling.”
  • “They help really well with balance.”


  • Still a light shoe.
  • Comfortable.
  • More sturdy than others.
  • Better soles than other shoes.
  • Has “bubble laces” (making sure the laces stay tight and don’t come undone).


  • Durability*.
  • We’ve heard some bases didn’t like when flyers wore these: “They felt a little bulky to catch.”

6. Rebel Athletic Ruthless

Stand out with the Ruthless shoe, which comes in both black and white!


  • Great option for teams required to wear black shoes.
  • “Finger grooves” for grips.
  • Lightweight.


  • Some durability* & quality complaints.

7. Chassé shoes

The Chassé shoes are popular since they have similar features as other cheer shoes but at a much cheaper price.

There are many different popular models with great reviews. Differences between the models vary, so you can compare and see which one best fits your needs. Overall, the shoes are light, durable, and supportive.

Promising reviews from athletes:

  • “I feel like they make my jumps higher and they’re not painful to my hands when my flyer wears them.”
Guide: The Best Cheerleading Shoes | Both All-Star And Sideline Cheer


  • All shoes are cheaper options.
  • Many positive reviews.
  • Other pros & features depend on the shoe model.


  • Depends on the shoe model.

8. Varsity Ascend

If you want a different shoe design, you might want to check out this one!

The Ascend model is the lightest of all Varsity shoes and has foam that supports the arch of the foot. The shoe is also available in black, plus customizable if you order for the whole team.


  • They are the lightest of all Varsity shoes.
  • Foam that supports the arch.
  • Comfortable & fits any foot.
  • Some models are customizable for teams.
  • Some models are also available in black.


  • Some durability* & narrow feet complaints.
  • Long laces.

*How durable the shoes are, depends on how you use them. On which surfaces, how often, if you tumble much or not, etc. Cheerleading is an extreme sport, so the shoes will tear naturally & often faster than other types of shoes.

We hope this guide helped you decide which cheerleading shoes to get. No matter which stunting position you have, how much tumbling you do, or what age you are, there is hopefully a perfect pair for you in this list. If you have any questions, thoughts, or recommendations, please leave a comment below!

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No Rebel shoes?

TheCheerBuzz July 4, 2023 - 11:57

Hi, thank you for your comment! Rebel shoes did not make the cut when we first had athletes vote for the best ones. However, we are always open to updating the list and will keep Rebel in mind for future updates.


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