How To Survive Full Outs – 5 Simple Tips

Full outs can be difficult to get through, especially at the beginning of the season. Here are some tips that can help make them a little easier!

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1. Build up your cardio

Cardio is something you need to maintain, or you might lose some of it. Building cardio can be difficult, and you might not know how to actually do it.

Here’s are a few cardio building activities:

– Running

– Hiking or power walking

– Jump rope

– Swimming

– Jumping on a trampoline

– Biking

– Doing jumping jacks or burpees

2. Focus on breathing throughout the routine

Doing full outs was so hard until my friend from Rockstar Cheer Beatles (I cheer at Rockstar) told me that if you focus on breathing the whole time, the full out will get much easier! 

Find parts of the routine where you can breathe extra long to regain some energy.

cheerleading full out cardio training tips on how to make full out easier

3. Take one section at a time

Don’t think about the whole routine as a whole. Doing that makes you overwhelmed and not able to perform your best in the section you are in right that second.

Example: if you’re in a stunt section, only think about that stunt, not a running tumbling pass or the pyramid.

4. Communicate with your teammates

Communicating in a full out helps you get pumped up but also helps you breathe while in a full out. Saying the counts or just cheering your fellow teammates on makes a huge difference in your performance.

Mat talk!

5. Try to get pumped up before doing the full out. 

Getting pumped up before doing a full out makes a huge difference in your attitude while doing the routine.

Some things you can do:

– Doing a team huddle/chant 

– Cheering your teammates on before

– Doing fun dances

– Putting on a song that gets you excited


Do you have any other tips? Share them in the comments below!

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