20+ Gift Ideas For Cheerleading Coaches

by TheCheerBuzz
gift ideas for cheerleading coaches

Cheerleading coaches work hard all season, both inside and outside the gym, to make sure their team learns as much as possible.

Sometimes you want to show appreciation in the form of a gift, but it can be hard to come up with gift ideas.

We put together this list of more than 20 items perfect for any cheerleading coach. Whether it’s Christmas, the end of the season, or a regular Tuesday, there’s something for you.

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Psst… The last idea is free!

Gift ideas for cheerleading coaches:

1. Personalized decorations 

gift ideas for cheerleading coaches

Wooden photo frame with customizable colors and text.

Click here to view.

Photo frame that you can add a personalized message to. Let the team sign it for an even better gift!

Click here to view.

photo holder for cheerleading coaches gift idea

“Thanks coach for all you do” photo holder.

Click here to view.

2. Books about coaching

There are an endless amount of books that can benefit cheerleading coaches. We’ve included books focused on both team performance and training, but also things outside the cheerleading gym.

(All books are available for Kindle, as audiobooks and physical copies).

“Helping People Change: Coaching with Compassion for Lifelong Learning and Growth”

This book explains how coaching doesn’t work well if it’s only focused on fixing problems. The authors talk about how to help others learn and grow, what motivates us, dreams and goals, energy, and what coaching is really about.

Click here to view.

“Coaching for Performance: The Principles and Practice of Coaching and Leadership”

The author talks about how to bring out the best in athletes, goal setting, team performance, qualities of leadership, and much more.

Click here to view.

“Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success”

During his time as head basketball coach, author Phil Jackson won more championships than any other coach in professional sports.

He talks about the secrets of team chemistry, trust, and synchronization, how to handle “uncoachable” athletes, turning athletes into leaders, and much more.

Click here to view.

3. Shirts

Because who doesn’t love some funny shirts?

gift ideas for cheerleading coaches funny cheer coach shirt

Available in different styles & colors. The text can be printed on the front or back.

Click here to view.

cheer coach sweatshirt

“Cheer coach” sweatshirt, available in different colors.

Click here to view.

tshirt for cheerleading coaches

Available in different styles & colors. The text can be printed on the front or back.

Click here to view.

4. The ultimate coach planner

Planning is a must if you want to have a successful practice or season!

Our popular coach planners come in both printable & digital versions – and in multiple colors.

cheerleading coach planner

Join the hundreds of coaches all over the world having better seasons with our planners!

Click here to shop the planners!

5. Personalized gift bags

This great idea was sent in by a follower! Make a gift bag or basket with your coach’s favorite things, snacks, self-care products, or anything else they would like.

gift basket idea for cheerleaders and coaches

Photo from Pinterest.

6. Bags & backpacks

funny cheerleading coach bag

Bag available in 3 different sizes. The print is also available on a smaller zip bag.

Click here to view.

“Best coach ever” waterproof makeup bag. Perfect to bring for competitions!

Click here to view.

7. Mugs & water bottles 

cheerleading gifts for coaches travel mug

“Tough enough to be a cheerleading coach, crazy enough to love it” travel mug.

Click here to view.

“I am a cheerleading coach, of course I’m crazy. Do you think a sane person would do this job?” mug.

Click here to view.

cheerleading coach water bottle

“Warning, cheerleading coach do not disturb” reusable, stainless steel water bottle.

Click here to view.

8. Keyrings & chains

“Thank you” keychain.

Click here to view.

Disney keychain for cheerleading coaches

Disney themed keychain with customizable colors & letters!

Write your coach’s name, team name, or gym name for example.

Click here to view.

“We wouldn’t be the team that we are without you!” keychain.

Click here to view.

9. Coach bracelet

“Cheer coach” bracelet in stainless steel, with adjustable sizing.

Click here to view.

10. Letter or text (free!)

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best!

Put together a letter or text from your team and send it to your coaches. Let them know how much you appreciate them, what they’ve taught you, what you like about them, your favorite memories, and so on.

Completely free to make but absolutely priceless to receive!

Hopefully this list gave you some ideas on gifts for your coaches!

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