6 Halloween Pumpkin Ideas For Cheerleaders

by TheCheerBuzz
cheerleading halloween pumpkin ideas

It’s spooky season!

Halloween is a time to get creative, especially when carving pumpkins. One way to make the holiday even more fun is to make them cheerleading themed.

Here are some ideas for cheerleading themed pumpkins, so that you can show support to teams and gyms!

1. Painted pumpkins:

If you don’t actually want to carve a pumpkin, just paint it! This is a lot of fun and suitable for all ages since there are no tools involved.

Honor your favorite team by making pumpkins inspired by them. This one is for Cheer Extreme Coed Elite and their Worlds 2015 gold!

cheer extreme coed elite cheerleading halloween pumpkin

Add glitter to make it even more special!

nfinity shoes cheerleading halloween pumpkin

2. Carved pumpkins:

Carve out your team name, gym name, or your favorite ones:

cheerleading themed halloween pumpkin
As long as the bow doesn’t catch on fire, you’re fine…

A creative idea is using two pumpkins, creating a stunt, basket or pyramid!

Find a photo you like, print it out, draw it on the pumpkin and carve it out:

cheerleading stunt halloween pumpkin

Another very creative idea if you want a more spooky pumpkin:

cheerleading halloween pumpkin

The last idea is simple – find a cheer photo you like and carve your pumpkin into a cute lantern!

halloween pumpkin of cheerleader with pom poms

We would love to see if you try any of these ideas. Post your pumpkin on social media and tag us!

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