Halloween Pumpkin Ideas For Cheerleaders

It’s spooky season!

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s almost time to carve some pumpkins. One way to make this holiday even more fun is to make them cheerleading themed.

Painted pumpkins:

If you don’t actually want to carve a pumpkin, just paint it!

Honor your favorite team by making pumpkins inspired by them. This one is for Cheer Extreme Coed Elite and their Worlds 2015 gold!

cheer extreme coed elite cheerleading halloween pumpkin

Paint all of your favorite cheerleading things on it! Brands, stunts, competitions, teams, gyms – you name it.

cheerleading halloween pumpkin of the california allstars nfinity athletic and disney world

Add glitter to make it even more special!

cheerleading halloween pumpkin nfinity athletic disney world and the summit

Carved pumpkins:

Carve out your team name, gym name, or your favorite ones.

lady onyx

As long as the bow doesn’t catch fire, you’re good to go…

Use two pumpkins to make a stunt, basket, or pyramid. Find a photo you like, print it out, draw it on the pumpkin, and carve it out.

cheerleading halloween pumpkin of stunt

Talk about creativity!

Another super creative idea to make if you want a more spooky vibe:

cheerleading halloween pumpkin

The last idea is pretty simple. Again, find a photo you like, print it, and then carve it!

Will you try any of these ideas? We’d love to see!

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