Themed Routines For The 19-20 Season

Themes, themes, and more themes… They are loved by some and not so loved by others.

Whether you like themed cheerleading routines or not, they are certainly a trend and will be for the 2019-2020 season as well.

The original themed routines creators, World cup Shooting Stars are continuing with their themes, along with Top Gun Large Coed, Prodigy All-Stars Midnight, and a bunch of other teams!

Want more theme ideas? Here: 60+ Routine Theme Ideas

themed cheerleading routines World Cup shooting stars New York theme


New York City theme: World Cup – Shooting Stars

American Horror Story (tv-series): Prodigy All-Stars – Midnight

Top Gun (movie): Top Gun Large Coed

Aladdin: Cheer Magic Allstars – Prophecy & ACE – Warriors

Grease: Royalty Elite Allstar – Majesty

The Purge (movie): Cheer Extreme – Shade

Sailor Moon (anime & tv series): Nor Cal Elite – Luna

Space: Island Elite – Mystic

TikTok: Malmö Allstar Cheer – Giants (Sweden)

Disney: Cheer Unlimited – Storm (Sweden)

Friends (tv series): Thunder Elite – Storm

80’s workout: Cheer Florida Allstars – Sea Warriors

Survivor: Thunder Elite – Lightning
Their music has no words, only tribal music – how cool?!

Rock music: Cheer Infinity Athletics – Love (Sweden)

Live music: Cheer Infinity Athletics – Desire (Sweden)

Pop music: Cheer Infinity Athletics – Perfection (Sweden)

Future music: Cheer Infinity Athletics – Obsession (Sweden)

New music: Cheer Infinity Athletics – Shady (Sweden)

Aladdin: Spirit Central Bengals

The little mermaid: Spirit Central Sabres

Beauty and the beast: Spirit Central White Tigers

Lion King: Spirit Central Gold Tigers

Bring it on: Intensity Athletics Adrenaline

Airline theme: ICE Lady Lightning

Police: Top Gun OO

If you know more themes, comment below & they will be added!

3 thoughts on “Themed Routines For The 19-20 Season

  • January 18, 2020 at 16:32

    Thunder Elite S2 Storm is Friends (tv show) themed

    • March 7, 2020 at 00:51

      Intensity athletics adrenaline has a bring it on theme
      Ice lady lightning has a flying/airplane theme
      Top gun OO has a police theme

      • March 7, 2020 at 11:45

        Totally forgot to add those – thank you!


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