New Rules For The 2019-2020 Season – Both IASF & USASF

by TheCheerBuzz
new usasf and iasf cheerleading rules 2020-2021

A new season often means new rules!

There’s a lot of confusion going on when trying to figure out everything that has changed with the new level system (1-7) and the new rules.

Here are the major changes, but keep in mind that most of them only apply to international divisions. Rules marked with “IASF” are for international teams, while rules marked “USASF” apply to US teams as well.

Disclaimer: We are not rules experts. Always check the rules before competing. (Here’s a post about how you can send videos of skills to see if they’re legal or not.)

Level 1:

A two-legged prep stunt can now pass above prep level, meaning you can do a show and go to extension and back down!

Remember that it should only stay up for 1 or 2 counts, so don’t hold it for too long.

Level 2:

Similar to the level 1 change. Everything on level 2 is the same, except that a lib can pass above prep level = lib show and go to extension (1 or 2 counts) and back down.

Level 3:

Doing a full up (360) to extended two-legged stunt is now allowed. The skill used to be level 4 but is allowed for international level 3 teams!

Level 4:

One and a half (540) to extended lib is allowed. It used to be a level 5 skill but international level 4 teams can do it now!

Level 5: (formerly restricted 5)

No changes?

Level 6: (formerly level 5)

International level 6 teams can do rewinds, US level 6 teams can do rewinds only at Worlds.

Level 7: (formerly level 6)

No changes?

Links for more help:

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