2019-2020 Showcase Dates

by TheCheerBuzz

It’s October which means showcase season begins!


5th: Stars Vipers
13th: The Stingray Allstars
22nd: Fame All Stars
26th: Champion Cheer
27th: Cheer Extreme
27th: Cheer Athletics
27th: ICE All-Stars
27th: The California All Stars
27th: Twist & Shout


3rd: ACE Cheer Company
3rd: Cheer Central Suns
2nd: Cheer Sport Sharks
3rd: Woodlands Elite
9th: Zero Gravity Athletics
9th: Rain Athletics
10th: Louisiana CheerForce
10th: Prodigy All-Stars
16th: Tristate Athletics
16th: Rockstar Cheer Jax
17th: Top Gun All-Stars
17th: Brandon All-Stars
17th: Spirit of Texas
18th: Cheer Savannah
21st: Five Star Athletics
23rd: World Cup All Stars
24th: Cheer Extreme Raleigh


7-8th: Maryland Twisters
8th: East Celebrity Elite
8th: Cheer Florida Allstars
17th: Platinum Athletics Cheer

What teams and gyms are you most excited to see?

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