All of Top Gun Allstars TGLC’s Themes Throughout the Years

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If you’re a fan of cheerleading, you’ve probably heard of Top Gun Allstars TGLC. They are known for their innovative skills and choreography, constantly pushing the limits of the sport of cheerleading.

Just like many other teams, TGLC has been incorporating themes into their routines in recent years – using props, choreography, music, and uniforms to create unique and unforgettable performances.

Let’s take a closer look at all of their themed routines to date!

Top Gun Allstars TGLC routine themes

  • 2019: Karate
  • 2020: Top Gun movie
  • 2021: Top Gun movie sequel
  • 2022: Boxing
  • 2023: Medical

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2019: Karate

2019 was a big deal for TGLC, as they decided to spice things up, go all in, and introduced their very first themed routine. They went all out with a Karate theme, showing off their crazy skills, precision, and strength through mind-blowing stunts and a high-energy routine.

This routine set the stage for even more mind-blowing routines to come!

2020: Top Gun movie

In 2020, things got even more exciting. TGLC took the movie that shares their name and brought it straight onto the cheerleading mat, paying tribute to the legendary “Top Gun” movie. Capturing the buzz and intensity of the movie, it was like they (literally) took flight and soared to new heights!

No doubt, everyone was left speechless after that performance.

2021: Top Gun movie sequel

The 2020 cheerleading season was cut short due to unforeseen circumstances. In 2021 they unveiled a sequel to their “Top Gun” routine, perfectly timed with the upcoming release of the highly anticipated movie sequel, “Top Gun: Maverick”.

The team showed that they were back and better than ever, winning The Cheerleading Worlds with this incredible routine!

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2022: Boxing

Continuing their streak of success, Top Gun Allstars TGLC dominated the cheerleading scene in 2022. Their routine, centered around the theme of boxing, was absolutely packed with skills, high energy, and all things boxing.

Not only did this routine earn them yet another Cheerleading Worlds win, but many argue it will go down as one of the best routines in cheerleading history!

2023: Medical

Fast forward to 2023, and Top Gun Allstars TGLC shows no signs of slowing down. Once again, they brought a theme to the mat – this time centered around all things medical, such as medicine, ambulances, emergencies, and hospitals.

They didn’t just bring another theme in 2023; they brought home another Worlds championship title as well!

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