How a Hole in the Wall Became Famous: A Tale From The Cheerleading Worlds

by TheCheerBuzz
hp field house wall hole

Have you ever heard of a hole in a wall becoming the talk of the town? Well, after The Cheerleading Worlds 2019, that’s exactly what happened! Who would’ve thought?

You might be wondering how this seemingly insignificant hole gained so much attention. Let’s start from the beginning and uncover the story behind this famous wall hole.

Great content right?

Let’s start from the beginning. Where did this famous hole come from?

It all began after the Senior Medium Coed division, where Woodlands Elite – Black Ops got 2nd place and took home the silver. However, one male athlete on the team was apparently angry about not winning and, in a fit of anger, punched a hole in the arena wall!

Surprisingly, this incident turned into something humorous instead. The hole itself became a celebrity (or “cheerlebrity”) of sorts, with dedicated Twitter and Instagram accounts created just for it. People couldn’t help but find comedy in this unplanned situation.

HP field house hole in wall cheerleading worlds summit 2019, with woodlands elite black ops and Ryan Cummings

Following the conclusion of Worlds, The Summit took place. By that time, news of the now viral hole had spread far and wide, attracting the curiosity of countless people.

In fact, so many people wanted to take pictures with the hole that a security guard had to be stationed nearby to manage the crowds.


Many say that the situation is not only funny if you actually think about it.

Placing 2nd at Worlds is an incredible achievement. There are countless individuals who would give anything just to participate at Worlds, let alone secure a top 3 position. While it’s natural to feel disappointed about not winning, it’s important to exhibit good sportsmanship and keep those emotions to oneself.

Wait, what happened later?

After The Summit was over they tried to hide it by putting a sign over it, but that didn’t work. People knew where it was and simply moved the sign.

So, what happened after The Summit ended? Efforts were made to hide the hole by placing a sign over it, but that didn’t discourage people. They knew where it was, simply moved the sign, and continued making fun of the situation.

In fact, someone even started a petition, asking not to repair the wall. The description said:

“The legend of the hole, shall not be replaced, fixed, or tampered with. It is legendary and has become a part of our culture. Help petition for ESPN to never fix it, for there is no need to!” 

More than 2 000 people signed the petition. However, despite the support, the hole was ultimately fixed, marking its official disappearance:

ESPN cheerleading worlds 2019 hole in the wall the summit

After all, the memory of this random and humorous incident will live on as one of the weirdest, funniest, and most viral happenings in the history of Worlds.

Farewell, dear hole in the wall. Your legacy will be remembered with a smile.

We hope you enjoyed this semi-ironic post and discovered one of the funny histories and quirks surrounding Worlds. If you want to delve deeper into more memorable moments of The Cheerleading Worlds, check out this article:

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