Interview With John Davenport Knowles From Cheer Athletics

You may all know John “from the Cheer Athletics Snapchat”? Even if you don’t know about the Snapchat takeovers, you most definitely know him as one of the coaches for their Large Senior team Panthers, Medium All Girl level 4 team Sassycats, Medium Junior 5 team Furycats and Medium Youth level 1 team KittyKatz.

2020-2021 update: John is coaching Panthers, Sassycats, and the Large Coed team Cheetahs this season!

I decided to a quick interview with this iconic Cheer Athletics coach!

cheer athletics panthers coach John davenport knowles interview

5 facts about John:

1. He started coaching in 2009

2. He has two dogs

3. He was on Cheetahs

4. He has one cat

5. He medaled every year he attended worlds

Let’s start with the questions!

Who was your biggest idol as a kid?

I didn’t really have one!

If you could have any superpower in the world what would it be?


If you could hang out with one person for an entire day, who would it be?

I would hang out with Ellen DeGeneres.

Which was the first team you were on?

My first team was Advanced Cheer Allstarz!

Have you ever cheered or coached at another gym?

I have also cheered at Cheer Eclipse for one season.

cheer athletics panther coach John Davenport Knowles interview

When you first started cheering, why did you choose to cheer at CA?

I was at a competition and I saw Wildcats perform. It was the most amazing performance I had ever seen. I knew I had to be apart of the best of the best. Once I got to CA, I fell so in love that I have been there ever since.

What are your best tips for new coaches?

My best tip for new coaches is to make sure you are passionate about kids and people. Of course, you are passionate about Cheerleading and coaching or you wouldn’t do it. Being passionate about people and how to teach life lessons is the most important part.

A huge thank you to John for taking part! 💙

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