‘The Majors’ Explained – Cheerleading’s Most Exclusive Competition

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Are you curious about the cheerleading competition called “The Majors”? Want to know what makes it so special and different compared to other events?

Get ready to learn all about it!

This event usually feels like a big party where the best cheerleading teams come to compete and have a ton of fun.

So, what exactly is it that makes The Majors so exciting?

There are a few main things that make the event stand out, starting with…

The “best of the best”

The main thing that makes the competition different is that teams have to be invited to compete, making it highly exclusive.

Cheerleading competitions are otherwise typically open for anyone to register and compete, except for special end-of-season events that require teams to have earned a bid to compete.

But for The Majors, teams must have been invited, which makes it even more unique and exclusive.

Here’s how the official event website describes it:

“The MAJORS is the most selective all-star cheer competition in the world. To be selected for this prestigious event, teams must be among the “Best of the Best” in the Senior Level 6 division.

This event is an incredible showcase of the highest level of all-star cheerleading. The MAJORS is a show unlike any other – the cheer world stops to watch this elite display of talent, skills and sportsmanship.”

This creates a competition of the “best of the best” teams, putting on a show like no other!

One night only

Another thing that makes the competition unique is that it takes place later in the evening and early night (not in the middle of the day) and that teams only compete one time.

Many other cheer competitions take up two days, split into semi-finals and finals, where teams who advance compete twice.

The Majors does things differently and packs all the fun into one exciting evening.

Teams are given just one chance to compete and hit zero which makes it even more thrilling to watch!

Don’t know what “hitting zero” means? Learn more here: Quick Guide: What Does “Hit Zero” Mean In Cheerleading?

The team reveals & video challenge

Because teams have to be invited to join, the announcement of which teams are selected gets a lot of excitement every year.

Teams usually get to celebrate a little extra when they’re invited to the competition:

Leading up to the competition, there’s usually a fun social media challenge that creates a big buzz for the event, called the “#MAJORSVideoChallenge“.

In this challenge, the invited teams are encouraged to show off their skills and compete in different categories and types of skills.

Fans can also vote for their favorites, which adds to the excitement and gets everyone talking about the event.

Special awards ceremony

Another thing that makes the competition special is the awards ceremony and how the winners are announced.

There are winners in each division, just like any typical cheerleading competition. Additionally, there are awards for the best overall coed and all-girl team.

These awards go to the highest scoring coed team and highest scoring all-girl team out of all divisions.

On top of that, the single team with the highest score across all divisions, including both coed and all-girl teams, is given the title of grand champion.

All teams are gathered on stage for the award ceremony, where they count down the results, which appear on the big screen for everyone to see at the same time:

the majors cheerleading competition 2023 results: 2023 results: Showing all champions, with the highest scoring all-girl and coed teams highlighted in red (Cheer Extreme Senior Elite & Cheer Athletics Cheetahs). Overall grand champions are marked by the Majors ring next to them (Cheer Extreme Senior Elite).
2023 results: Showing all champions, with the highest scoring all-girl and coed teams highlighted in red (Cheer Extreme Senior Elite & Cheer Athletics Cheetahs). Overall grand champions are marked by the Majors ring next to them (Cheer Extreme Senior Elite).

Past Majors winners

If you’re curious about which teams have won The Majors in the past, you can check out the official website, as they have a list of all the winners from different years.

It’s fun to see who did the best in the past and to get excited about who might win next!

Future dates

And if you’re already thinking about going to The Majors, you’re in luck! Here is the date for the next event:

  • January 12, 2024

See all the teams invited to the 2024 Majors competition here!

So, if you love cheerleading and want to see some of the most amazing teams in the world, The Majors is a must-see event. It’s a one-night special full of excitement, surprises, and lots of amazing cheerleading!

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