2021-2022 Cheerleading Season Showcase Dates

The 2021-2022 cheerleading season has officially started for many teams around the world.

Here you’ll find the showcase dates for different gyms, so you can keep track of your favorites!


26th: MK Cheerleading Academy (United Kingdom)


17th: Casablanca Cheer (United Kingdom)

17th: Empire Cheerleading

24th: The California Allstars

24th: Cheer Extreme Allstars Richmond

27-28th: South Jersey Storm

30th: University Cheer Force


5th: Gold Rush Elite

6th: Carolina Thunder

7th: PCM Irvine

7th: Cheer Central Suns

13th: Core Athletix

13th: SCV All-Stars

14th: CheerVille Athletics

14th: Dazzle U Allstars

14th: Phoenix Allstars

14th: Cheer Extreme Allstars Maryland

20th: World Cup Allstars

21st: Top Gun Allstars

21st: Star Athletics ATL

28th: Unity Allstars (United Kingdom)



4th: Technique Gems

5th: Cheer Express

11th: Cheer Force Arkansas

16th: Freeze Athletics (Canada)

19th: Aviators Cheer (United Kingdom)


January 16th: Spirit Central

Know more dates we should add? Comment the gym name, date and country below!

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