What Are Sister Teams in Cheerleading? A Quick Guide & Examples

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In the world of all-star cheerleading, there are many words and phrases to keep track of. One that’s becoming more common is “sister teams.”

The concept behind it is pretty straightforward, but it may still leave you wondering about its exact meaning.

Let’s take a closer look at what it means!

What Are Sister Teams?

Sister teams, also known as sibling teams, are two cheerleading teams that decide to connect and show extra support during the season.

While sister teams can come from the same gym, it has become increasingly common for them to be teams from different gyms.

Being or having a sister team doesn’t change anything or give any advantages; it’s just a way for the teams to connect and support each other.

What Do They Do?

Throughout the season, sister teams typically cheer for each other at competitions and meet up when both teams are attending the same event.

Basically, they become each other’s biggest supporters and fans!

Some sister teams go a step further and do things like practice together, attend camps together, and learn as much as possible from each other.

Other common fun ways to show support for your “sisters” is by getting matching practice wear, using their team colors, or doing anything else that is special to the sister team.

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Invites and Responses

How do sister teams find each other? They often use social media to connect!

Typically, a team posts an official “invite” to another team, hoping for an acceptance and a response in return (see examples below). 

Examples of Sister Teams & Achievements

There are numerous examples of sister teams, and some have even accomplished things together during the season.

Here are a few examples of teams and special achievements:

  • Twist & Shout Diamonds & Cheer Extreme SSX (2017-2018 season). Many people’s favorite sister teams! Both teams won NCA Nationals, and showed a lot of ongoing support for each other during the season:
  • Stars Vipers Anacondas & Charlotte All Stars Teal (2018-2019 season)
  • Top Gun All-Stars Lady Jags & Cheer Extreme Smoex (2018-2019 season). The teams won paid bids to The Cheerleading Worlds at the same competition:

Speaking of Worlds bids, do you know what they are? Want to learn more about how they work? Learn all about competition bids in this guide: Understanding Cheerleading Bids: What They Are and Why They Matter

  • Woodlands Elite Generals & World Cup Shooting Stars (2019-2020 season)
  • ICE Lady Lightning & Brandon All-Stars Senior Black (2019-2020 season)
  • The California All Stars Black Ops & ECE Bombshells (2019-2020 season)
  • Cheer Athletics Swooshcats & Woodlands Elite Black Ops (2019-2020 season):
  • World Cup Shooting Stars & Top Gun All-Stars TGLC (2021-2022 season):
  • Cheer Athletics Panthers & Cheer Extreme SSX (2022-2023 season). Both teams took home the silver medal at The Cheerleading Worlds 2023!
  • Cheer St. Louis Archangels & Elite Cheer Stars (2022-2023 season):
  • Fame Super Seniors & Spirit of Texas A-Team (2023):
  • The California All Stars Smoed & Cheer Athletics Wildcats (2023)
  • Prodigy All-Stars Midnight & Cheer Extreme Senior Elite (2023-2024 season). The season has barely started, and these teams have gone all in! Matching practice wear, joint skill camps… Let’s see what else they come up with this year:

Hopefully, this helped you understand what sister teams are and how they work! If you want to learn more about cheerleading phrases and sayings, check out this article next: The Meaning Of g3fca2a, FIOFMU, oafaaf And 9 Other Cheerleading Sayings

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