The Meaning Of g3fca2a, FIOFMU, oafaaf And 9 Other Cheerleading Sayings

by TheCheerBuzz
top gun Allstars what does oafaaf g3fca2a mean

Have you seen some special, secret words or hashtags on Instagram or Twitter and wondered what they meant? Yeah, us too…

Now you don’t have to wonder anymore! We created this list with some of the most common ones we see on social media.

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This is a saying that the Top Gun Allstars gyms use and it means “Once A Family, Always A Family.”

top gun allstars TGLC what does oafaaf mean


2. SYS1time

Orange from The Stingray Allstars uses this saying, meaning “Stick Your Stuff” as in HIT your stuff!

the California allstars lady bullets lbod meaning3. LBOD

“Hashtag of the century – LBOD!” Who remembers that iconic voice over?

The California Allstars Lady Bullets’ hashtag means “Lady Bullets Or Die.”


Allegedly Cali Coed’s hashtag means “Cali Coed Or Kill Yourself.” Pretty questionable, but that seems to be it…

5. SE4L

This is as simple as “Senior Elite for Life.”

6. OC4L

Just like Senior Elite, Stingrays Orange uses OC4L, meaning”Orange Crush for Life.”

7. g3fca2a

Cheer Athletics has a saying for the whole gym, which is “g3fca2a” and it means “Glory Friends Family Forever Cheer Athletics Above All.”

The numbers say that there is a G (glory), then 3 Fs (friends family forever), then CA (cheer athletics), then 2 As (above all).


You probably know that Cheer Athletics Panthers’ nickname is BABS, but there are some different theories of what it actually means.

Some say it stands for “Blue And Black Sass” Blue And Black Swag”, but the unofficial meaning of BABS is actually “Bad-Ass Bitches.”

Update: In their 2019-2020 mix, it’s said that BABS means “Bold And Beautiful”, but many still believe it means something else.


These sayings seem to be a Cheer Athletics thing!

One of their Worlds teams, Wildcats says FTTB, which seems to mean “Fierce To The Bone.”

fttb meaning cheer athletics wildcats



After watching “Cheer” on Netflix, many started to wonder what Navarro Cheer’s “FIOFMU” means.

Some rumored meanings are “Faith In Our Family Makes Us” and “Friends Instead Of Family Make Us”. Another common rumor is “Fight It Out, F*ck ’em Up”.

In the end, it looks like no one outside the team and coaching staff knows what it actually stands for.

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If you have heard Cheetah’s music, then you have probably noticed that they say “CEOCP”.

This simply means “Cheetah Eyes On the Cheetah Prize.”


This is a saying that World Cup Allstars Shooting Stars use. It stands for “Don’t talk about it, be about it” and means that you shouldn’t just talk about doing something – you should actually do it!

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Mallie July 28, 2023 - 05:23

Oh may gosh! I was just wondering what all this meant.

TheCheerBuzz July 31, 2023 - 10:04

We’re happy this helped!

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[…] FTTB. These sayings seem to be a Cheer Athletics thing! One of their Worlds teams, Wildcats says FTTB, which seems to mean “Fierce To The Bone.” via […]


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