8 Amazing ICU Worlds Routines To Watch Right Now

by TheCheerBuzz

In honor of what would have been the final day of the 2020 ICU World Championship, we’re sharing 8 routines from previous years that will make your jaw drop.

Do you have any other favorites that aren’t on this list? Comment down below!

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Team Finland All Girl Premier 2019

Team USA won the All Girl Premier division back to back every year since 2013, until the World Championship 2018 when Team Finland All Girl won. The team had placed in the top 3 every year and finally took home the globe in 2018 with their crazy difficult stunts and pyramids.

Two based (!) round off rewinds, front handspring one and a half ups to lib, extended handstands to lib and back handspring double-ups to three-story pyramids are only some of the skills you will see in their 2019 routine:

Team Thailand / University of Bangkok 2014

This is 100% one of the most insane routines ever performed at ICU Worlds. Words can’t even describe their skills and energy…

Just watch the video because you won’t regret it!

Team Canada Coed Premier 2017

I have one thing to say: 2:35! 

Team Norway – All Girl Group Stunt 2013

Yes, group stunts used to compete at ICU!

These girls performed skills that teams still practice to get now, seven years later… 

How does a round off rewind to heel stretch sound? A 360 high to high tick tock to bow and arrow? Watch the video and be mind-blown:

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Team Colombia Coed Elite 2019

It’s no wonder that this team won the Senior Coed level 5 division! The routine has skills that can be measured with the All-Star level 5 (now 6) teams we usually watch and love.

This team shows that Colombia is a country that you’ll want to remember!

Team Costa Rica – Coed Partner Stunt 2014

The partner stunt division was also a thing at the world championship years ago. 

These two stunters from Costa Rica won the division in 2014 – watch their routine and you’ll understand why!

Team Thailand Junior Coed Advanced 2019

Thailand won the “advanced” (similar to level 4) division in 2019 with this incredible routine. The stunts and pyramids are very creative and performed with almost perfect execution!

Team USA Coed Premier 2019

You can’t really talk about national teams without mentioning the US National Team! This team continues to show the very best of cheerleading, year after year.

It’s impossible to watch one of their routines without leaving your jaw on the floor… 

One particularly impressive routine is the 2017 one. Watch it for HIGH baskets, insane pyramids, a hitch kick triple basket, an amazing rewind save and everything else you can imagine seeing in a crazy routine:

Which routine on the list impressed you the most? Or maybe you know another jaw-dropping routine that’s not on the list?

Share your favorites in the comments below!

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