2024 Cheerleading Recap: ICU Worlds, Worlds, Summit & D2 Summit Overview

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Welcome to our quick recaps of the highs, lows, and everything in between from the 2024 end-of-season events! From incredible wins to unexpected happenings, we unpack the rollercoaster that was ICU Worlds, Worlds, Summit, and D2 Summit.

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ICU Worlds

ICU Worlds never fails to bring some of the most impressive skills you’ll see in cheerleading!

Teams from all over the world took home medals, including Canada, Australia, Mexico, Malaysia, Chinese Taipei, England, Colombia, Norway, Japan, Sweden, Puerto Rico, Denmark, Wales, Finland…the list is long 🏅

See the results here & some highlights on the ICU Instagram.

Team USA once again took home the gold in divisions like Junior All Girl Elite, Junior Coed Elite, All Girl Premier, AND Coed Premier:

A few other moments:


As always, a lot has happened… Here are some standout moments:

  • South Coast Cheer Fearless (Extra Small 6) has now won 4 years in a row!
  • The incredible Viqueens Spirit (International Open 7) from Norway won the first-ever Worlds gold out of the Nordic countries 🇳🇴
  • We said it was anyone’s game for Day 2 in the Large Senior division, and the teams did not disappoint! Ultimately, Panthers did indeed take the world back and the fortune cookie was right all along.
  • When the Worlds globe is almost bigger than yourself
  • Is this not the prettiest kick-triple basket you’ve seen?
  • The last ever Global world champions… Coed division: Stingrays Electric ⚡️ All-girl: Unity Allstars Ruby from England!
  • Not only did Unity Allstars win the Global division, but also the U18 Small Coed 5 division (Royal), and International Open Non-Tumbling Coed 7 division (Black), a silver in International Open Non-Tumbling 7 (Blush), a 4th place (Int. Open Non-Tumbling Coed 6), 5th place (Int. Open Small Coed 5) AND a win at The Summit this weekend…What a year 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  • Top Gun Lady Jags, aka the most decorated Medium Senior team, added another gold for the books! Fun fact: it happened exactly 10 years after their first win 
  • Now this is a stunt save!
  • Top Gun Double O extended their winning streak to 6 years in a row – making it the longest-ever Worlds winning streak in the same division!
  • Speaking of winning streaks, Flyers All-Starz Karma also added another year to their streak 💓 They have also won 6 years in a row (but in different divisions).
  • “POV: you just hit the best routine of your life”
  • You best believe there have been scoring issues…as always…

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Worlds Recap 🌎

Time to say goodbye, scoring issues, fun facts, highlights & more

Top 10 scores of the competition* (thanks to CheerTheory):

  1. Top Gun TGLC
  2. Cheer Extreme Code Black
  3. Top Gun Revelation
  4. The California All Stars Black Ops
  5. Cheer Extreme SSX
  6. Top Gun Double O 
  7. Cheer Athletics Panthers
  8. Cheer Athletics Cheetahs
  9. The Stingray Allstars Orange
  10. Unity Allstars Black (England)

*Based on % of Perfection. See the scores here.

The Summit

Top 10 U.S. scores of the competition (thanks to CheerTheory):

  1. Rival Athletics Revenge (99.6)
  2. Cheer Express Allstars Red Reign (99.53)
  3. Cheer Athletics Thundercats (99.2)
  4. Top Gun 24k (99.18)
  5. The Stingray Allstars Platinum (99.07)
  6. The California All Stars BET (99)
  7. California Pride Breeze (99)
  8. Woodlands Elite Admirals (99)
  9. Designer Athletics FEND1 (98.99)
  10. The California All Stars J2 Crew (98.87)

Top 10 international scores (thanks to CheerTheory):

  1. Top Gun Allstars UK Shadow (ENG) (99.64)
  2. Louisiana Cheer Force Twilight (USA) (99.60)
  3. Top Gun Allstars UK Mint (ENG) (99.42)
  4. Outlaws Allstars Rogues (AUS) (98.93)
  5. GymTyme Vibe (USA) (98.93)
  6. ATA Blue Crush (USA) (98.93)
  7. Macs Cheer WICKED (USA) (98.87)
  8. Louisiana Cheer Force Fire (USA) (98.80)
  9. Twist & Shout Euphoria (USA) (98.73)
  10. Macs Cheer REIGN (USA) (98.60)

Click here to see all of the Summit results.

The D2 Summit

The lack of D2 Summit coverage is unfortunately real…We wish we had more, but here are a few highlights!

(Got more moments to share? Leave a comment below)

Top 10 scores of the competition (thanks to CheerTheory):

  1. High Intensity Athletics Warriors (99.53)
  2. United Elite Cheer REVOLT (99.4)
  3. Titanium Force CheerBlack Smoke (99.33)
  4. Extreme All Stars JUNIOR 3LITE (99)
  5. United Elite Cheer RIOT (99)
  6. TAI Arctic5 (98.87)
  7. Koach All Stars Koach Kappas (98.8)
  8. Port City Athletics Pharaohs (98.73)
  9. LA Cheerz Allstarz Scarlet (98.67)
  10. WIDC Black Ice (98.6)

See all results & scores here.

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