The “Worlds Match” Event – Schedule, Teams & Live Stream

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The ability to compete in in-person cheerleading competitions has been very limited in the past year. Naturally, virtual competitions have become more popular.

One of the main organizers of online cheerleading competitions is CheerMatch. They host competitions, or “matches”, every week, open for teams on all levels.

All CheerMatch competitions are free to watch live on broadcast days on the official CheerMatch app, YouTube channel, and Facebook page.

The “Worlds Match”

A special series of matches will take place February 16-18th, called the “Worlds Match”.

Level 6 & 7 Worlds teams will compete in the unique three-day event and be scored using a comparative Worlds scoring system.

All Worlds teams are invited to attend, and teams that have competed in (at least) 2 other CheerMatch events have the chance to win a “Grand Prize” in each division.

Competition schedule

February 16th: International, Global, and Open divisions.

February 17th: Extra Small Coed, Small Coed, Medium Coed, and Large Coed divisions.

February 18th: Extra Small Senior, Small Senior, Medium Senior, and Large Senior divisions.

Competing teams

Tuesday, February 16th:

Senior Open

Central Jersey Allstars – Bombshells
Cheer Central Suns – Midnight
ICE Allstars – Weather Girls
Spirit of Texas – Lady Reign

Senior Open Small Coed

Cheer Athletics – Steelcats
Fire and Ice Allstars – Heat
GymTyme Allstars – Smoke
Planet Spirit – Blackout
Rockstar Cheer – Naughty by Nature
The California Allstars – Aces

International Open Non-Tumbling

Cheer Athletics – Scratch6
Cheer Central Suns – Lady Aurora
ICE Allstars – Luna
Maryland Twisters – Ozone
Maryland Twisters – Thin Ice
NJ Premier Allstars – Notorious
San Diego Show Allstars – Ice Queens
World Cup Allstars – Omni
World Elite – Crush

International Open Coed Non-Tumbling

Cheer Athletics – Phantom Cats
Cheer Extreme – Code Black
East Celebrity Elite – S.W.A.T Team
Fire and Ice Allstars – Intensity
Planet Spirit – Fog
Rockstar Cheer – Jagged Edge
San Diego Show Allstars – Shadow
Top Gun Allstars – Stealth
Twist & Shout Allstars – Adam & Eve

International Open Small Coed

Cheer Athletics – Swooshcats
Cheer Extreme Allstars – Cougar Coed

International Global

Cheer Athletics – Ladycats

International Global Coed

Cheer Athletics – Crewcats

Wednesday, February 17th:

Extra Small Coed

Central Jersey Allstars – Team Gunz
ICE Allstars – Thunder
GymTyme Allstars – Fever
The California Allstars – Blue Crew
Twist & Shout Allstars – Diamonds

Small Coed

Brandon Allstars – Senior Black
KC Cheer – Fierce 5
Prodigy Allstars – Midnight
Wildcats Cheer Pride – Ferocious

Medium Coed

Cheer Extreme Allstars – Smoex
Spirit of Texas – Royalty

Large Coed

Cheer Athletics – Cheetahs
Top Gun Allstars – TGLC

Thursday, February 18th:

Extra Small Senior

Brandon Allstars – Senior Pink
Cheer Central Suns – Lady Suns
Cheer Florida Allstars – Sea Warriors
East Celebrity Elite – Boms Squad
Elite Cheer – Stars
Fire and Ice Allstars – Vortex
GymTyme Allstars – Rouge
ICE Allstars – Golden Girls
Revolution Athletics – Revolution
The California Allstars – Vixens
Twist & Shout Allstars – Obsession
Upper Merion Allstars – Crush

Small Senior

Cheer Extreme Allstars – SSX
Fusion Allstars – Inferno
KCAC – Platinum
The California Allstars – Lady Bullets

Medium Senior

East Celebrity Elite – Bombshells
Maryland Twisters – F5
Spirit of Texas – A-team

Large Senior

Cheer Athletics – Panthers

Read more about CheerMatch on their official website.

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post.

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