Why This Surprise Has The Whole Cheer World Crying

Many are getting more and more creative with things to do now that most of us are home. Being away from the gym, your teammates and coaches is hard for everyone, so athletes and parent from Dazzle U Allstars decided to plan a surprise.

Families from the gym decided to surprise the coaches with a car parade – holding up posters and banners, honking and cheering on their coaches who couldn’t stop crying. Some of the athletes had driven more than an hour to be a part of the surprise!

One of the coaches wrote this on facebook:

“Oh my god. Today our athletes surprised us with a SURPRISE coaches parade. In times like this I thought I would share. I had NO idea what was happening at first. I was crying tears of joy for hours. Hope this touches your day and gives you a smile throughout this crazy time! It truly made me realize how lucky we are to have the cheer family we do. ❤️ We’re all in this together.”

dazzle u allstars cheerleading

The video has gotten a lot of attention on social media and the majority of comments are saying how people started crying while watching it (it’s pretty hard not to…).

This really shows how cheerleading families are the best!

We hope that this helped brighten your day and that we all get to return to the sport we love soon.


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