Upcoming Competition: ECC Red Fox Championships

by Contributor


Von Braun Center
700 Monroe Street SW
Huntsville, AL

Cheerleading World’s Bids

2 Full Paid Bids
4 At Large Bids
1 At Large Non-Tumbling Bid

Extra Small Senior 6:

Island All Stars Snipers

Extra Small Coed 6:

Memphis Pride Ozone
CheerVille Athletics Anarchy
World Class All Stars Fame

Small Senior 6:

Cheer Savannah All Stars Lady Lace

Small Coed 6:

World Class Athletics Black Diamonds

Medium Coed 6:

ACE Cheer Company Warriors

Senior Open Small Coed 6:

Zone Cheer Supremacy

International Open 6:

ACE Cheer Company Chiefs

International Open Non-Tumbling 6:

Newnan Southern Stars Solar 6
Cheer Savannah Madam Pearl
Rockstar Cheer AC/DC
CheerVille Athletics Cruella

International Open Coed Non-Tumbling 6:

Rockstar Cheer Atlanta Spin Doctors

International Open Small Coed 6: 

Zero Gravity Athletics Nova
Pensacola All Stars Royal Makos

International Open Large Coed 6:

Rockstar Cheer Atlanta Grateful Dead

International Global Coed 6:

CheerVille Athletics Nightmare
Rockstar Cheer Rolling Stones

Saturday’s and Sunday’s Schedule: 


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