Trend Tuesday: Short Uniform Sleeves

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When you think about it, cheerleading uniforms with short sleeves are almost never seen – at least in all-star cheer. School teams wear short sleeves much more often, but some all-star teams have started to follow along.

cheerleading short sleeve uniforms from prior lake high school cheer team
Prior Lake High School, source.

Prodigy Allstars Midnight got new uniforms last year and caused quite a discussion on social media about the sleeves.

When someone does anything different there were, as always, a lot of opinions. Some loved the idea and others didn’t. A big question was if they were comfortable or not.

On one hand, they might be better since there are no arms “in the way” of things, but on the other hand, some think it’s unnecessary to show even more skin when competing.

What do you think? Do long arms bother anyone or do you think short sleeves are just for the look?

Flash forward to 2019-2020 and more short sleeves are popping up in different styles, as seen below.

We believe that this trend is here to stay, what do you think?

cheerleading uniforms cheer athletics top gun Allstars

Top Gun Guardians, Cheer Athletics FloraCats, Top Gun OO5 & Cheer Athletics ZeusCats

Time to discuss – what are your opinions on this trend? Love it or leave it?


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