Trend Tuesday: “Cleaning Bigger”

Welcome to “Trend Tuesday”, where we talk about new, old, or future trends in the industry!

This week’s topic is something that has to do with the looks of routines. Cleaning is something every single team does and almost everyone does it the same way. In the latest seasons though, a new “style” of cleaning has become more popular.

Many noticed and picked up the trend last season and if you watch teams like Prodigy Midnight, Brandon Senior Black, and Twist & Shout Diamonds you see that they clean “bigger” and more aggressively.

brandon allstars senior black
Daniel Ruiz on YouTube

Apparently, this can add to the performance score. On the Varsity scoresheet, performance it’s defined as “A team’s ability to demonstrate high levels of energy and excitement while maintaining genuine enthusiasm and showmanship.”

When you think about it, cleaning “bigger” has a lot to do with this. It really shows excitement and energy in the routine.

prodigy allstars midnight
Andy Simon on YouTube

The issue some people have with this though is that it can look messy or “too much”.

If many athletes do it at once it can look great, but if every person does it after their own tumbling pass, for example, it can take away the focus from other skills.

What do you think? Does it help the performance or is it distracting?

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