The 2020 Worlds Points Championship: Results & Thoughts

by TheCheerBuzz
cheerleading worlds 2020 usasf division point championship

The USASF hosted an online “Worlds Division Points Championship” to recognize U.S. Worlds teams and their hard work this past season. 

10 teams were ranked in each Worlds division based on points. These points were calculated based on the 2019-2020 competitions teams attended before the season ended.

The points were based on:

  • Rankings (placement on competitions)
  • Number of teams in the division
  • What Worlds bid type teams had

Exactly how many points these things were worth and how many points each team got is not shared.

In this post, you will find all of the final rankings, both by text and in video form, plus some reactions and thoughts about this championship.


Here’s the playlist if you want to see the results presented by video instead of the list below!

There is one video for each division, as well as a full 30-minute long video with all of them on the USASF youtube channel.


Extra Small Senior 6
  1. Cheer Central Suns – Lady Suns
  2. Central Jersey All Stars – Bombshells
  3. California All Stars – Vixens
  4. (TIE for 4th) Cheer Express Allstars – Miss Silver
  5. (TIE for 4th) Top Gun – Royal Jags
  6. Prodigy All Stars – Starlight
  7. ICE All Stars – Golden Girls
  8. (TIE for 8th) Champion Cheer – Lady Light
  9. (TIE for 8th) Spirit of Texas – A-Team
  10. Virginia Royalty Athletics – Diamonds
Extra Small Coed 6
  1. (TIE for 1st) Central Jersey All Stars – Team Gunz
  2. (TIE for 1st) GymTyme All Stars – Fever
  3. Ice All Stars – Thunder
  4. Twist & Shout – Diamonds
  5. CheerVille Athletics – Anarchy
  6. Lousiana Cheer Force – Gold
  7. (TIE for 7th) East Celebrity Elite – FAME
  8. (TIE for 7th) Florida Top Dog All Stars – Rain
  9. Diamonds All-Star Cheerleading – Black
  10. (TIE for 10th) The California All Stars – Ontario – Blue Crew
  11. (TIE for 10th) Extreme All Stars – LVL X
  12. (TIE for 10th) Quest Athletics – Black Ops
Small Senior 6
  1. ICE All Stars – Lady Lightning
  2. Cheer Extreme All Stars – SSX
  3. (TIE for 3rd) Rain Athletics – Aqua
  4. (TIE for 3rd) The Stingray All Stars – Apple
  5. California All Stars – Lady Bullets
  6. GymTyme All Stars – Rouge
  7. New Jersey Spirit Explosion – FAB5
  8. (TIE for 8th) Cheer Florida – Sea Warriors
  9. (TIE for 8th) Greensboro All Stars – Diamond Elite
  10. KC Cheer – Fearless
Small Senior Coed 6

No rankings yet…

Medium Senior 6
  1. The Stingray Allstars – Peach
  2. (TIE for 2nd) East Celebrity Elite – Bombshells
  3. (TIE for 2nd) Woodlands Elite  – Generals
  4. Brandon All Stars – Pink
  5. Top Gun – Lady Jags
  6. (TIE for 6th) Platinum Athletics Cheer – PAC5
  7. (TIE for 6th) World Cup All-Stars – Zenith
  8. ICE All Stars – Snow Angels
Medium Senior Coed 6
  1. Woodlands Elite – Black Ops
  2. (TIE for 2nd) Cheer Extreme Allstars – SMOEX
  3. (TIE for 2nd) Prodigy All Stars – Midnight
  4. ACE Cheer Company – Warriors
  5. (TIE for 5th) California All Stars – Black Ops
  6. (TIE for 5th) World Cup All-Stars Odyssey
  7. Spirit of Texas – Royalty
  8. (TIE for 8th) Cheer Extreme Allstars – Coed Elite
  9. (TIE for 8th) Steele Athletics Titanium
  10. (TIE for 10th) Premier Athletics – Jaws
  11. (TIE for 10th) Twist & Shout -Exodus
Large Senior 6
  1. Cheer Extreme All Stars – Senior Elite
  2. The Stingray All Stars – Orange
  3. World Cup All Stars – Shooting Stars
  4. (TIE for 4th)Cheer Athletics – Panthers
  5. (TIE for 4th) Maryland Twisters – F5
  6. Midwest Cheer Elite – Midwest Femme Feline
Large Senior Coed 6
  1. (TIE for 1st) The Stingray All Stars – Steel
  2. (TIE for 1st) Top Gun – TGLC
  3. Cheer Athletics – Cheetahs
  4. Oregon Dream Teams – Dream
  5. ICE All Stars – SnowED
Senior Open 6
  1. Spirit of Texas – Lady Reign
  2. Champion Cheer – Heat
  3. Infinity All Stars – Royals
  4. FAME All Stars – Super Seniors
  5. (TIE for 5th) Cheer Extreme Allstars – Monarchs
  6. (TIE for 5th) Cheers & More – Lady Respect
  7. East Celebrity Elite – Bombsquad
  8. The Stingray Allstars – Lavendar
  9. ICE All Stars – Weather Girls
  10. California All Stars – Covergirls
Senior Open Small Coed 6
  1. The Stingray Allstars – Electric
  2. Woodlands Elite – Gunsmoke
  3. GymTyme All Stars – Smoke
  4. Top Gun – Angels
  5. (TIE for 5th) Cheer Athletics – RoyalCats
  6. (TIE for 5th) Cheer Extreme Allstars – Cougar Coed
  7. California All Stars – Aces
  8. Cheer Athletics – SteelCats
  9. East Celebrity Elite – Smoke
  10. World Elite – Crave
Senior Open Large Coed 6
  1. Fame All Stars – Vengeance
  2. (TIE for 2nd) Cheer Athletics – Wildcats
  3. (TIE for 2nd) Cheer Extreme Allstars – Shade
  4. (TIE for 4th) California All Stars – Cali Coed
  5. (TIE for 4th) Core Athletix – Black Diamonds
  6. (TIE for 4th) Xtreme Cheer – Inferno
  7. (TIE for 7th) Central Jersey All-Stars – Open Fire
  8. (TIE for 7th) Fire and Ice All Stars – Hail
  9. (TIE for 7th) Tribe Cheer – VooDoo
  10. (TIE for 10th) New York Icons – Perfection
  11. (TIE for 10th) Top Gun – Immortals
International Open 6
  1. (TIE for 1st) Rockstar Cheer – Supermodels
  2. (TIE for 1st) Cheer Athletics – PlatinumCats
  3. Cheer Extreme All Stars – Blush
  4. Cheer Central Suns – Midnight
  5. World Cup All-Stars – Suns
  6. (TIE for 6th) ACE Cheer Company – Chiefs
  7. (TIE for 6th) FAME All Stars – Super Seniors
  8. (TIE for 8th) Cheer Extreme All Stars – Super 6
  9. (TIE for 8th) Fire and Ice Allstars – Black Ice
  10. West Coast Fame Allstars – Savage
International Open Small Coed 6
  1. Rockstar Cheer – The Beatles
  2. Cheer Athletics – Swooshcats
  3. Cheer Omega – Omicron
  4. (TIE for 4th) Cheer Extreme All Stars – Illusion
  5. (TIE for 4th) Indiana Ultimate – Insanity
  6. (TIE for 6th) CheerForce – Blackout
  7. (TIE for 6th) Prodigy All Stars – Blacklight
  8. (TIE for 8th) California All Stars – Ghost Recon
  9. (TIE for 8th) Zero Gravity Athletics – Nova
  10. (TIE for 10th) FAME All Stars – Finale
  11. (TIE for 10th) State All Stars – Lady Jags and Gents
International Open Large Coed 6
  1. Top Gun – Double O
  2. (TIE for 2nd) ACX – Kat Daddies
  3. (TIE for 2nd) Powerhouse Cheer & Fitness – Legendary
  4. (TIE for 4th) CheerForce – Nfinity
  5. (TIE for 4th) USA Starz – Reign
  6. (TIE for 6th) Cheer Extreme Allstars – Open Elite
  7. (TIE for 6th) Rockstar Cheer – Grateful Dead
  8. JAM Athletics – Platinum
International Open Level 7
  1. (TIE for 1st) Cheer Florida – Goddesses
  2. (TIE for 1st) GymTyme All Stars – Gold
  3. (TIE for 1st) OC All-Stars – Neon
International Open Small Coed 7
  1. California All Stars – Reckless
  2. Ultimate Cheer Lubbock – Royal Court
  3. (TIE for 3th) Cheer Extreme All Stars – Savage 7
  4. (TIE for 3th) The Stingray Allstars – Rust
  5. Rockstar Cheer – Metallica
International Open Large Coed 7
  1. California All Stars – Rangers
  2. Cheer Athletics – Claw
  3. GymTyme All Stars – Chrome
  4. (TIE for 4th) OC All Stars – Shadow
  5. (TIE for 4th) South Elite All Stars – Crown Jewels
  6. (TIE for 4th) TexStar Athletics Stars and Stripes
International Open Non-Tumbling 6
  1. Cheer Extreme Allstars – Lady Lux
  2. Cheer Central Suns – Lady Aurora
  3. All Star One – Lady Bang
  4. World Cup All Stars – Omni
  5. (TIE for 5th) Cheer Savannah – Madam Pearl
  6. (TIE for 5th) Express Cheer and Dance – Exalted
  7. (TIE for 7th) Cheer Athletics – FloraCats
  8. (TIE for 7th) Rockstar Cheer – AC/DC
  9. Cheer Athletics – Scratch6
  10. (TIE for 10th) Core Athletix – Pink Diamonds
  11. (TIE for 10th) Dream Athletics – Venom
  12. (TIE for 10th) Maryland Twisters – Thin Ice
International Open Non-Tumbling Coed 6
  1. Cheer Extreme Allstars – Coed Black
  2. (TIE for 2nd) Cheer Athletics – ThroneCats
  3. (TIE for 2nd) Louisiana Cheer Force – Slate
  4. California All Stars – TNT
  5. (TIE for 5th) Cheer Athletics – PhantomCats
  6. (TIE for 5th)Tribe Cheer – Tomahawks
  7. (TIE for 7th) Diamonds All-Star Cheerleading – Showtime
  8. (TIE for 7th) ICE All Stars – Blackout
  9. (TIE for 7th) World Cup All-Stars – Smoke
  10. Knight Time Cheer – Hypnotize
International Global 6
  1. Cheer Athletics – LadyCats
  2. South Elite All Stars – Diamonds
International Global Coed 6
  1. (TIE for 1st) Infinity All Stars – Legacy
  2. (TIE for 1st) Cheer Athletics – CrewCats
  3. Rockstar Cheer – Rolling Stones
  4. Top Gun – GLOC-6
  5. (TIE for 5th) Cheers & More – Reaction
  6. (TIE for 5th) CheerVille Athletics – Nightmare
  7. (TIE for 5th) KC Cheer – Fireball
  8. Superstar Athletics – Super 6
Cheer Abilities
  1. Team Illinois – Blue Dynasty
  2. Fusion Athletics – Green Bay Shine
  3. Rockstar Cheer – Supremes
  4. Gulf Coast Elite Cheer – Twisters
  5. Rockstar Cheer – Cinderella

Do the teams get anything?

All of the listed teams will get a digital certificate and badge. These will include their ranking and can be displayed in their gyms and on social media.

No medals, rings, or globes will be awarded.

Championship thoughts

The cheerleading community’s reactions to this championship have been very mixed.

Two things are mainly discussed on social media right now: that no international teams were included and that whether this replaced the 2020 Cheerleading Worlds or not.

No international teams

Many are upset because they chose not to include any international teams in the rankings. USASF tweeted that they chose to look only at competitions held in the U.S. this season.

On one hand, it could’ve been too difficult to find results from international competitions and that could explain why they chose not to include those teams. Though, on the other hand, contacting the countries’ federations for results and bids shouldn’t be too hard…

Because of this, many don’t see these rankings as accurate since more teams in the international divisions would have been included.

World champions or not?

The other big question is if teams can call themselves world champions or not? It’s similar to the issue of whether teams competing against no one have the right to call themselves champions or not…

Many say that teams, of course, are allowed to celebrate their hard work and division point placement, but draw the line when it comes to calling yourself a “2020 world champion or medalist”.

The USASF specifically stated in their tweet above that this championship does not replace Worlds 2020.

Calling yourself a world champion, 3rd place medalist, or 7th place winner when there wasn’t an actual competition? What do you think?

Do you have any other thoughts about the championship? How did your favorite team place? Comment below!

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Andrew June 27, 2020 - 21:48

How did CA Reckless out score UCL Royal Court if the scores are accumulated?! Royal Court score were much higher than Reckless throughout the season until NCA… Reckless had scores in the 80s at many competitions while Royal Court scores were consistently in the 90s.

TheCheerBuzz June 29, 2020 - 17:15

It would be much more clear if they released how these points were actually calculated…


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