Is “CHEER” Getting a Second Season? Here’s What We Know

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cheer on netflix season 2 rumors

That’s probably the question on everyone’s mind right now…

Because of the huge success of the Netflix show, there are a lot of speculations and rumors about a potential second season. In this article, we break down the possible clues about a second season of “CHEER”!

January 2020: The “new” rule

After the show aired, many noticed that the National Cheerleaders Association released a new rule that said:

“Teams may jeopardize their eligibility to compete in the NCA & NDA Collegiate and Dance Championship if they participate in a televised program or print media that portrays their team, school or general activity of collegiate cheer and/or dance in a negative manner.”

The rule would mean that Navarro might not be able to compete at Daytona if they were being filmed. That would mean choosing either the show or the competition… However, Monica has spoken out about the “new” rule:

cheer netflix season 2

So this “new rule” isn’t actually new and was the same when they filmed the show last year.

February 2020: The photo evidence?

This photo was posted on Twitter earlier this week, showing a job ad for Netflix in Corsicana. Since it’s such a small town, the most likely explanation would be that it’s about Navarro.

cheer netflix season 2
Sounds like something’s up…

April 2021: The cameras

The Navarro team debuted their new routine on April 4th and posted the full video on social media channels. In front of the mat, there are four cameramen that once again sparked the rumors about a second season:

The camera men are believed to be from Netflix, filming for a second season of the show.

So, will there be a second season?

While nobody outside Navarro or Netflix knows, it definitely looks like they are filming. We’re all hoping for a second season and we simply have to wait and see!

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