How To See If A Skill Is Legal Or Not​

Cheerleading rules can be confusing… If you’re a coach from outside the United States*, you can send videos of skills to USASF and get a response if the skill is legal or illegal, plus a description of why!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to the USASF website

Click here and read the guidelines & reminders. Scroll down and read carefully (!) because they might not judge your video if you do it wrong.

2. Take the video of one stunt group or one athlete.

Again, make sure you are following the guidelines. Send a video of just one group or athlete.

3. Write your email.

Include the video + what team, gym, country, division, and level it is. The email address is

4. Wait!

From personal experience, they usually respond within a week, but they say that you should expect about 10 days for a response.

The email will clearly say “LEGAL” or “ILLEGAL”.

If the skill is illegal there will be a description of why so you know how to fix it!

*if you are a USASF member coach, you can send videos in the USASF coach app. Read more about it here.

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