Do You Know Who Helen The Pineapple Is?

Many teams have some type of mascot, like a stuffed animal that they bring to competitions. Did you know that Top Gun OO5 (now named OO) had a mascot? And that it was…a pineapple?

What makes this even greater is that it, or she, had a name – Helen!

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Who was Helen?

What the name Helen was supposed to mean is something that only the team knows. We did however look into it a little and found that pineapples can mean good luck.

She got her own OO5 bow, a Twitter account, and followed the team around at Worlds 2018. She was even on the stage when they won!

top gun allstars double o or OO5 with their mascot helen the pineapple

Helen – a legend.

We also saw Helen in some of the athlete’s YouTube vlogs:

A new life

After Worlds 2018, Helen sadly passed away (#RIPHelen) but the top was cut off and planted. She later rose from the dead and was back for the 2018-2019 as a mascot for Top Gun Angels!

Who knows if we will see more of Helen in the future? We sure hope she makes a comeback!

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