7 Of The Best Cheer Quizzes To Take When Bored

Coming up with something to do when you’re bored can be hard. Sometimes you just want to scroll on your phone and do nothing.

That’s the perfect time to take our cheerleading quizzes!

We made a list of some fun quizzes you can take right now, and then share with your friends to see if they can beat you…

1. “Can You Score 8/8 On This Voice Over Quiz?

See how many voice overs you remember!

cheerleading quiz

2. “I Bet You Can’t Reach Level 21 Of This Worlds 2019 Quiz

Not everyone can make it to level 21 – can you?

cheerleading quiz

3. “Which Senior Elite Athlete Are You?

One of our most popular quizzes!

cheer extreme senior elite cheerleading quiz

4. “Can You Guess These Worlds Teams Uniforms?

Guess which teams’ uniform it is by looking at a zoomed-in photo!

cheerleading quiz

5. “Can You Pass This Impossible Medium Senior Division Quiz?

How well do you know the Medium Senior 6 division?

Fun fact: this quiz was made by one of our fantastic content contributors (click here to read more if you’re interested in being one)!

cheerleading medum senior division quiz

6. “Which Navarro Cheerleader Are You?

We all have someone on the team we’re similar to!

Who are you most alike?

which navarro cheerleader are you quiz

7. “Guess The Cheerleader!

Can you guess who it is based on a short clue?

cheerleading quiz

Find all of our other quizzes here. 

What other quizzes do you want to see? Leave a comment down below and we’ll add it to our list!

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