Must-Watch: The Incredible 540 Ball Up To Lib

Cheer Extreme’s large senior team, Senior Elite, is well-known for performing the iconic 360 ball up at The Cheerleading Worlds 2010. Have you missed that stunt? Read about and watch it in this article with 10 of the memorable Worlds moments.

Most of us are familiar with that skill and have seen it many times. Senior Elite also performed a 720 ball up in 2015, which you can see in this video in the back of the routine opening.

What we haven’t seen much of is 540 ball ups…

This youtube video shows exactly that skill! Platinum Athletics did a 540 ball up back in 2011. As if that doesn’t sound hard enough, they catch it in an extended lib… Insane!

The skill looks crazy hard and we’ve never seen another team do it:

Do you know other unique skills that just one or a few teams have performed? 

It doesn’t matter on which level, comment down below and leave us all shocked!

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